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Toronto Digital Agency 

Toronto Digital Agency – New Digital Agency

New Digital Agency in Toronto is a professional digital marketing agency that offers full-service marketing solutions. We specialize in online and marketing strategies that will accelerate your online growth and help you scale your business. As a leading digital agency, we use our expertise in SEO and PPC campaigns to deliver measurable results.

Digital Agency Definition

Define Digital Agency. We hear the word ‘digital agency’ thrown around quite a bit. Is it just another buzzword you can use to show off during meetings or does it really have meaning? Perhaps a better question is: What does a digital agency do and how can it help your business? The answer can be a bit complicated, but we’re here to make it easy to understand.

‘Digital agency’ is a somewhat ambiguous term and can be used to define a range of, businesses that offer different digital services. The term is often misused and sometimes made more complicated than it needs to be. New Digital Agency has always been a digital agency and we’re passionate about clarifying what the term really means to our audience.

To put it simply, a Digital Agency is a Digital Marketing Agency that evolves to meet the changing needs of marketing in the digital age. It is an agency that adapts to the new normal of the industry and constantly pushes its boundaries. Agency for Digital Marketing blends professional graphic design, creative copywriting, new technologies, and modern marketing techniques. This results in a powerful and creative mix of art, science, engineering, and determination to find solutions in an ever-changing landscape.

Digital Agency Services

Offering professional Digital Agency Services that yield great results isn’t something just any agency can do. To be successful requires a deep and thorough understanding of marketing and its current landscape. It also requires that agencies know the process of successfully guiding and growing a brand through digital channels. The most successful Digital Agencies create powerful Marketing Campaigns that leverage natural customer interactions. The agency is then able to provide additional consumer value through digital means. With the ability to easily reach customers digitally, TV, radio, and other traditional offline marketing methods (see below) just don’t work the way they used to.

New Digital Agency Services

At New Digital Agency we offer:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) / Pay-per-click (PPC), retargeting
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content marketing
  • Website design and development
  • Content creation
  • Online lead generation
  • Online brand development and management
  • Media campaigns
  • Video marketing, mobile campaigns, and ROI assessments
  • Marketing ROI assessment

Offline Marketing Services

Traditional marketing services include:

  1. Enhanced Offline Marketing  – With enhanced offline marketing, electronic devices are used to enhanced and improve marketing that is entirely offline. This method has been used for decades and is versatile enough to be used in numerous ways. An example of this is using iPads to take customer orders in a restaurant. The offline experience is entering the restaurant, ordering, and eating the food, which is then enhanced by using the iPad.
  2. Radio Marketing – Using the radio to reach new customers is an effective marketing method. At any time, there are millions of people listening to the radio on a commute or during some other activity. You can tap into these listeners and run a commercial that shows the value of your product or service.
  3. Television Marketing – Television marketing has been around for decades, even before we had colored TV’s! TV marketing is a great way to reach consumers while you have their attention and interest in between a show they’re watching. It’s an effective, visual, and highly creative way to advertise to customers.
  4. Phone Marketing – Phone marketing admittedly has its downsides, but there’s no denying that it’s an effective method. Although some customers don’t like sales or marketing calls, they’re a great way to directly connect with a consumer. You can create an engaging conversation and literally speak to your customer, then explain how you can solve their needs.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is search engine optimization. With SEO, marketers are optimizing the content on your website so that is ranks higher in search results. This means that search engines like Google can more effectively put your brand in front of the right audience. In the simplest terms, SEO improves the visibility of your website when a customer searches for something relevant to your business. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach an audience online that’s intentionally searching for your business or service. It’s a powerful long-term strategy that should be apart of every marketer’s toolbox. Our Toronto Digital Agency can help grow your visibility locally and globally.


Google Ads Management

Properly setting up and running a Google Ads campaign can lead to big results for your business. For the most part, you’re going to be up against a lot of professionals who know how to make their ads rank above yours. The best way to optimize your Google Ads are to use an experienced pay-per-click (PPC) manager. This person or agency will be able to bring you results quickly and help construct a long-term component of your marketing. Occasionally, we’ll find that some individuals or businesses tried Google Ads but said they “didn’t work”. This usually meant that they set up the campaign themselves without expert knowledge of Google Ads. Or they used a web designer or some other individual who didn’t specialize in PPC advertising.

For those just starting out, setting up and managing a Google Ads PPC campaign can be challenging. This can result in poor performance and a low return on investment. Here are some common mistakes that beginners usually make when running their first campaigns:

  • Your campaign doesn’t match or support your current business goals
  • Not using enough ad groups
  • Not using enough ads
  • Using irrelevant ad copy
  • Keyword selection doesn’t match campaign budget
  • Using a lot of low-intention keywords
  • Only one keyword match type is used
  • Not using ad extensions
  • Not setting up conversion tracking
  • Not setting up remarketing

For the best Google Ads results and PPC management, let the experts at newdgtl – Toronto Digital Agency help you. We’ll set your campaign up correctly the first time so that it brings the results you’re looking for.

Digital Agency Fees

The most important part of any marketing effort is making a return on your investment. A crucial part of this to consider is the potential costs that come along with hiring a Digital Marketing Agency. Your Digital Marketing Costs must be managed effectively so that you yield your desired results and stay within your budget. However, price isn’t the only factor in digital marketing. Even the most expensive agency can still manage to waste your time and money if they don’t deliver results. That’s why it’s important to find an agency that works with your budget, delivers results, and doesn’t waste time while doing it.

Roughly half of digital agencies price their services using a flat fee or retainer fee model. This means you simply pay them their required fee and they begin working. About 25% of companies use another popular approach, which is to charge you based on a percentage of spend. Some agencies use what’s called ‘billable hours’, which could undersell the value you’re offering. There’s no perfect answer to the way you should be paying for your marketing. The best way is to find what works for you and your budget while bringing the best results. For more details on digital agency prices and fees, see the report by WordStream.

The average client fee can depend on the size of the agency, the client’s company, and the digital marketing tactics and strategy that are used. These are the average digital marketing agency fees you’ll find:

Search engine optimization (SEO): $500 – $20,000+ per month

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC): 5-20% of monthly ad spend

Social Media marketing (SMM): $250 – $10,000 per month

Website Design: $2,500 – $100,000 per website

Email marketing: $300 – $5,000 per month

Digital marketing is continuing to grow and it’s only becoming more effective. Businesses all over the world are seeing more cost-effective and fast results from digital marketing. It’s no surprise that more businesses want to partner with trusted digital marketing agencies like New Digital Agency. If you’re ready to learn more about digital marketing services, contact us directly about a custom Digital Marketing Strategy for your business.

Why Choose New Digital Agency?

Finding the best digital agency is important for making the most of your budget and creating great results. If you aren’t using the latest technology and digital methods to reach your target audience, you could get lost in the market. Contact New Digital Agency today to begin growing your business and seeing digital success.

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