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SEO – Search Engine Optimization, “free traffic”…

Most people aren’t very fond of ads. No one likes ads. For most people, watching ads is like a necessary evil. Some marketing gurus say “send 1 offer email for every 5 content emails” or whatever number they come up with. In other words, people want content, but we try and force ads on them. Instead,  the smart guys are offering content through their websites.

Leading with content brings in way more qualified traffic. Once they click, they can be retargeted, then turned into leads. Because the best ads don’t look like ads. You need to invest in building sustainable organic traffic for your business, on top of your paid ads.

Once you start getting organic traffic, and you know people are coming with specific and relevant intent, the number of leads skyrockets.

Bringing organic traffic to your website requires an intimate understanding of your niche market, how to deliver engaging content that drives growth, and how to optimize every word to create conversions. At New Digital, a Toronto SEO agency, we’re simplifying how your business grows by developing professional, awesome content that is optimized to maximize your conversions.

If you’re having trouble maximizing your customer engagement and online experience, then it’s time you had a blazing fast page designed to do one thing — create organic conversions that accelerate your growth. 

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What Is SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of creating targeted posts, copywriting, and more that utilize keywords to focus on a specific niche or market. Essentially, you’re increasing the visibility of your website when customers search for specific phrases or words on a search engine and ensuring their online experience is easy as one, two, three. 

Good SEO requires more than just targeting keywords. Many other SEO methods can also generate traffic to your website. If you aren’t aware of the intricacies of SEO, you may not know what opportunities you’re missing out on – or what SEO problems your website may have. So if your SEO strategies aren’t delivering your desired results, you may need to call in an expert to diagnose the problem. That’s where we come in.

New Digital team of experts can analyze your website and present you with a free “X-ray” of your SEO. This is your chance to know where your site is hurting and understand the ideal treatment to improve your results.

If you are serious about improving the health of your website, click on the button below to get in touch and we will schedule a complimentary SEO exam of your website and discuss it with you.

Why Use SEO?

Your customers are always searching for products and services that provide a solution to their pain points. If you have the products and services they need, why make it harder for them to find you? It only costs your business every time they search and don’t find your business. With our cutting-edge and specialized SEO services, your entire website will be optimized to drive more traffic to your brand and create conversions when you need them. 

Content That Delivers

14.5% of daily searches are new to Google, meaning that out of the 5.5 billion daily searches on Google, 797 million have never been searched before. Someone has to rank all those terms, the challenge is that all those terms won’t appear in any SEO tool. The way to rank for those keywords is to write thorough content in your niche. When we write 4,000-6,000 word articles for our clients, we are not just targeting top keywords and long tails by going into such excruciating detail, but we also indirectly targeting all the adjacent terms that nobody has searched yet.

Over time, that 15% extra traffic really begins to add up, and when you add that to all other SEO hacks we know, your traffic can really explode.

Our SEO specialists work closely with your team to create professional, targeted content specifically designed to ensure every customer that’s searching for your solution finds your products and services. From copywriting to blogs and content creation, New Digital is by your side every step of the way. We provide your business with the end-to-end optimization solutions that you’ve been searching for.

SEO Optimized Content Case Study

One of our SaaS software clients used to publish 2 blog posts per week. The content was great, high quality stuff. Organic traffic had surpassed 100,000 monthly visitors, but revenue growth was slow and low, less than $10k/month.

To grow revenue from the blog, we did the following:

After 8 months of building this out and promoting the core 5 topics with transactional intent, the client began to see revenue growth from the content surpassing $10k MRR.

After 12 months they were outcompeting some of their biggest competitors on Google and their content channel had become their #1 acquisition channel surpassing $100k MRR. The software company now has a sustainable organic acquisition channel, the MRR growth is now more predictable and stable, and less reliant on cold email outreach channel.

What We Do

Our SEO company specializes in providing comprehensive search engine optimization built on a foundation of in-depth market research and data. We design and revamp your entire site to ensure that it’s made to convert. And we back up that work by creating targeted and strategic blogs and social media marketing content that converts clicks to customers.

We help drive more leads to your website by taking advantage state of the art technology and solutions that include:

Optimize your site to work for you around the clock and take your business to the next level with New Digital’s cutting-edge SEO services.

Why Choose Us

We use the latest tools, techniques, and cutting-edge technology to put your website ahead of your competition by transforming how you approach and utilize keywords.

We optimize every page and graphic on your site to ensure it loads faster than ever before.

We design our services around what you need. Never again pay for SEO solutions you don’t when you trust our pros with your SEO.

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