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Why you, the client, should set up and own a Google Ads account and not an agency

So many customers complain that when they want to change an agency, they do not release the Google Ads account and a client has to start everything over from scratch. Happened so many times. Again and again. We never own clients’ Google Ads account. On the contrary, we will insist to work with the accounts that are set up by our clients and owned by them. “Setting up an account” sounds like a complicated process. In fact, it is not. Is more similar to registering for an email account. Basically, it is a “registration”, rather than a “setting up” process. You can create a Google Ads Account here. A few reasons, why you’d like to do it yourself, and not your agency:
  • You will be able to keep the account credentials confidential and retain the account in the future when you’d like to change the agency
  • You will need to add payment details to the account so that Google can charge you for the clicks. In case you won the account, the agency won’t be able to see the payment details
  • You will be able to grant and remove access to your account according to your needs
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