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Google Ads for Property Management in Houston Texas

Google Ads for Property Management in Houston

What is the best strategy for Google Ads for Property Management in Houston Texas? Digital marketing is ever-expanding, and there is more competition than ever. If you want to reach your customers cost-effectively, you need to know what you’re doing. It’s likely you’re already utilizing social media marketing and offline marketing. But if you’re not taking advantage of pay-per-click (PPC) ads for your Houston property management business, you are missing out. 

The decision to use a new digital marketing channel should not be made without thought. In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know so you can decide if Google Ads are right for your business.

Facts about Property Management 

80% of all rental-related searches are made by tenants. That means if you want to break through to the 20% of landlords, you’re going to have to market smart. 

81% of Americans do their own research online before making a big decision. That not only goes for tenants but landlords, too. Independent investors still own around 75% of the rental market. If you get your digital marketing right, you could win a substantial amount of business. 

Google AdWords for Property Management in Houston Texas

Google ads can be an incredibly effective strategy. But if you plan to pay for traffic, you need to ensure you target properly. Google is smart, but it’s not a mind reader. You must give it the parameters and tell it in no uncertain terms what your goal is. So, before you embark on a Google Ads campaign, decide on your goal, strategy, and set up your campaign carefully. 

When Google Ads is NOT a Good Idea? 

The service and product you advertise for Property Management in Houston will determine your success. We touched on individual landlords above, and those are the people who will be using Google to find a property management business in Houston. 

Commercial investors with a large portfolio are not going to be searching on Google for a company to manage their 100+ units. They’ll turn to peers for recommendations, and they aren’t going to take a risk on an unknown company. If these are the people you want to target, you’re going to struggle. No amount of Google Ads knowledge will change that. The audience won’t be there. 

When is Google Ads a Good Idea? 

If you market to small investors with a single unit, a multi-family unit, or a handful of them, you’re going to be able to tap a new market. These are the people who have recently built their wealth, and they’re looking for a company that can handle the running for them. This is where you can get in front of them with Google Ads for property management in Houston Texas and get them interested.

What About Zillow? 

Finding success with Google Ads requires a good knowledge of your market. You need to know what your ideal customer is searching for and the exact language they’re using. You’ll need great copy to ensure you get the CTR (click-through-rate) you’re aiming for (not to mention to convert on your landing page). 

When working with Zillow, you can reach out to them and they’ll send you the relevant leads. This is not to say that Zillow or any other similar site are better options, but it is a quick and easy way to go if you’re new. 

So, which method will land you more leads? Google can bring up an almost unlimited number of leads, and Zillow takes its traffic from Google. So, it makes sense that you should aim to cut out the middle man by mastering Google Ads.

The Best Long-Term Strategy?

It’s a good idea to use Zillow (and other similar sites) when your business is still new. You haven’t yet established a brand or customer history, and so you’ll still be guessing when it comes to finding the right language for your ads. 

SEO is very important, so start that immediately. You don’t need to wait long to start Google Ads, but make sure you aren’t throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Wait until you know what your ideal customer needs, wants, and their pain points, and then use that language in your ads. 

Over time, as you perfect your ads, you’ll see the traffic you get from Google Ads for property management in Houston Texas become higher quality and cheaper than Zillow and similar platforms.

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