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PPC Campaign Management


Creating PPC ads that deliver results can be an overwhelming endeavor that leaves you with more broken promises than profit. We help you optimize your PPC campaigns and ensure that your PPC strategy delivers more profit than promises. With our comprehensive and state-of-the-art PPC management services, your business will have the supercharged growth you've been searching for with every PPC campaign you run.   We're revolutionizing how you accelerate your growth by optimizing every marketing campaign by providing advanced and superior PPC management custom-built for your success.

What Is PPC Management

PPC or Pay-Per-Click management is the process of overseeing your business' PPC ad spend to ensure that you're developing and executing targeted campaigns that work while reducing your expenditures. 

Why Use PPC Management

Pay-per-click ads are designed to maximize your sales, but if you aren't able to make real-time adjustments and monitor your success, you can end up spending more money than you profit. With our cutting-edge PPC management solutions, we provide you with real-time and detailed data monitoring to ensure every campaign is conversion-driven and working.    We continuously experiment and perform A/B testing to optimize clicks, budget, targeting, ad copy, and other important aspects related to PPC management. Campaign optimization and analysis are performed to drive conversions and accelerate your growth faster than ever before. Our marketing strategies are so effective that you only attract the right traffic and impact and engage with the customers who want to buy your products.  

What We Do

New Digital is a Toronto PPC agency focused on driving results for your business. We specialize in customizing and comprehensive monitoring and real-time analysis of your PPC ads to ensure the most significant impact and success possible. In addition, we help you find new and innovative ways to connect and engage with your customers to ensure that your ads deliver results. The foundation of what we do is built on comprehensive, extensively researched data. We scour the market research in your niche to better understand what your customers want and desire so that we can create more strategic and targeted PPC ads. Then, once we launch your campaign, we work closely with you to monitor the results in real-time and make adjustments where needed.

Our three-part approach transforms your site into a conversion machine.

  • Foundational Data & Research.
  • Innovation through state-of-the-art campaign design and implementation.
  • Unparalleled guidance and support from end-to-end.


When the technology and methodology don’t exist for what your business needs, our pay-per-click agency will create it ourselves.

If you’re looking for quality PPC Management in Toronto, you’ll want an agency that can first and foremost understand your business’s needs.

Revolutionize the way you reach your customers with strategic and high-powered paid search campaigns that deliver with our state-of-the-art specialized PPC Management solutions custom-built for your growth.


New Digital revolutionizes your PPC strategy through advanced keyword research and utilization to maximize your reach and ensure you’re targeting the right customers. 

Our PPC Management specialists provide custom-built solutions to accelerate your growth and upgrade your business to supercharge your conversions. 

We work to create a customized optimization plan around your budget. You only pay for the services you need with our transparent, hassle-free pricing. 

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