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Adwords for Real Estate in Houston Texas

Adwords for Real Estate

AdWords for Real Estate in Houston Texas has become a saturated space with a great amount of competition. However, this doesn’t mean that running Google Ads for your real estate business has to be difficult. In this article, we’re going to share 5 hacks for Houston Google Ads Real Estate that will help you land more clients and beat the competition. Before we start, first of all, we advise that you sign up for your own Google Ads account and invite an agency to manage it, don’t let the agency own your Google account.

Grow Your Personal Real Estate Brand With Video Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful method for engaging with your audience. You can take advantage of various social media platforms to expose new and existing audiences to your brand. Create engaging videos that show off your brand, services, and advantages over the competition. You can also use videos as a way to spread information and become a trusted resource to your clients. Video content is also versatile and can be repurposed for multiple platforms and uses.

Use Adwords for Real Estate in Houston

Google is a powerful pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform where you can easily reach your audience. You can use a Google Affinity audience alongside Google Search in your ad campaigns. A Google Affinity audience is a group of people with very specific, similar interests or purchase behaviors. This means that you can target keywords such as ‘Houston, Texas real estate’ or ‘homes for sale in Houston’ in your Google Ad campaigns. This will make your PPC campaigns for Houston real estate much more accurate and effective. We also explain when Google Ads is not a good idea.

Give Then Receive To Leverage Inbound Digital Marketing

Agents and brokers are adopting a ‘value-giving’ approach in their real estate businesses. This implies giving your customers something first before asking for a sale or other action. In turn, this will lead to a client coming to you because of the value you initially offered. This value can include an informational newsletter or free online course where users fill out a form with their contact information to receive it. From there, you can keep in contact with your new lead and then ask to receive business.

Take Advantage Of Advertising Regulations Across Paid Channels

In 2019 Facebook Ads introduced rules that limit the targeting power of ads related to real estate. While this trend continues across other platforms, many see it as something to worry about. However, as a result of this decrease in advertising power, less of your competition will be advertising. This is the perfect opportunity for you to advertise more frequently and tap into your audience.

Use Bots To Bring In Leads Online

There is an array of software available such as Intercom or Drift that lets you use bots to your advantage. Use platforms like these to create highly engaging bots that interact with prospects and leads on different channels. Your Houston real estate business can use a bot to communicate with potential clients. This is a great way to engage with clients, utilize ‘conversational marketing’, and build relationships.

Please keep in mind that often Google Ads don’t bring conversions. And although the Adwords for real estate in Houston Texas space is filled with competition, you can stand out with these marketing trends. At newdgtl, we’re happy to be your number one resource for effective real estate marketing.

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