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5 Reasons To Advertise Real Estate With Google Ads

5 Reasons To Advertise Real Estate With Google Ads


Real Estate Advertising with Google Ads is one of the most effective paid advertising methods for generating traffic and bringing in real estate leads, i.e. customers. Looking for an effective way to drive traffic to your Real Estate company’s website? Here are the top five reasons to advertise Real Estate using Google Ads.

You Can Measure Everything On Google Ads

Digital advertising has become such an effective tool mainly because of its ability to measure data. Compared to traditional marketing channels like TV or magazine advertising, Google Ads is an extremely measurably online channel. You can track every metric related to your ads including reach, clicks, conversions, and more almost instantly. This allows you to make quick and well-informed marketing decisions to ensure a positive ROI. You can even A/B test campaigns and see metrics at a granular level to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Scaling Is Easy With Google Ads

Finding a lead source that you can effectively scale poses a challenge for most marketers. Ideally, you want a lead source that is scalable and gives you larger returns when more ad spend or effort is slowly put in. With Google Ads campaigns , as you increase your PPC budget you’ll see a relative increase in leads and profits. This means you don’t have to put an arbitrary spending cap on your campaign. You can simply find a campaign that produces results, increase the PPC budget, and watch as more leads and results pour in. This is why some business spend millions of dollars a year on Google Ads advertising.

Google Ads Works With Any Business Model Or Goal

With a variety of advertising objectives and placements, Google Ads has diverse features that fit any business. Looking to run an in-stream video ad, just a text-based ad, or show your local business on Google Maps? You can do one, two, or all three at the same time. Google Ads placements also allow you to run campaigns using

      1. Gmail
      2. YouTube
      3. Google Maps
      4. Partner Websites
      5. Google Search Results
      6. …and much more

You can also remarket to an audience that you previously ran an ad to such as people who left items in their cart on your website.

Google Ads Brings Fast Sales

Generating sales with Google Ads is actually one of the quicker digital marketing methods. While growing an organic social media following or using SEO could take months, you can quickly tap into an audience with Google Ads. After creating a campaign, you can run it immediately and watch as data pours in. From there, you can make informed decisions on adjusting the campaign and optimizing for ROI. Once you’ve advertised to an audience, you can remarket to them or continue collecting data for furthering sales-related campaigns.

Google Is The Most Popular Search Engine And Has High ROI

The online world revolves around Google and other search engines simply don’t compare in terms of their user base. Google holds 87% market share as of July 2020 and can reach even the most segmented and specific audiences, way ahead of Yahoo and Bing. Google has massive data on audience demographics, making it easy to target specific groups. This means you can advertise directly to your target audience and provide a high return on your investment.

The bottom line – there are no short cuts with digital marketing.

Google Ads (AdWords, Pay-Per-Click) marketing with Google Ads allows to generate real estate leads or sales instantly. Google not only dominates as a search engine but is an extremely powerful advertising platform. These 5 tips will make advertising your Houston Real Estate agency easier than ever.

If you’re interested in improving your Real Estate marketing in Houston Texas, contact us today. We, at New Digital Agency, are happy to be your number one resource for effective real estate marketing.

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