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Effective Google Ads Campaign Types to Choose From

In a world of increasingly tough competition, a business has to utilize all means to drive traffic and achieve new heights. Taking a passive approach to digital marketing will only allow a brand to stagnate and fade into obscurity. One of the best ways to grow an enterprise and boost its marketing is through the use of Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords.

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that helps a business’s website to bid to show their advertisements, which may include links, videos, service offerings, or product listings. It’s a paid digital marketing strategy that generates more traffic and leads, and it works faster than search engine optimization (SEO).

The platform allows businesses to place ads on Google Search and other non-search websites, videos, and mobile apps. It employs a pay-per-click (PPC) model, where advertisers pay each time one of their advertisements gets clicked.

Choosing a Google Ads Campaign Type

Google Ads offers five campaign types as of 2019. Advertisers can pick between advertising on the Search Network, videos, the Display Network, Universal App Campaigns, and Google Shopping. Let’s dive into each one and learn the best circumstances in which to use them.

1 – The Search Network

A Search Network campaign enables companies to display text ads on search engine results pages, such as Google’s search partners. Your brand’s advertisements will appear whenever users search for keywords and phrases related to your business.

Search Network campaigns are ideal for any budget, so it’s the best choice for the vast majority of businesses. This campaign also allows you to be the top result on Google and Google Maps, which are valuable platforms that everyone uses. 

Google prioritizes local businesses, so employing a Search Network campaign may be ideal if you want to boost local traffic and leads. For instance, Google Ads can be helpful for real estate companies.

2 – Video Campaign

If your business is looking to advertise on YouTube, Google Ads’ Video campaigns allow you to do so. You may format your ads so that users can skip them after five seconds or make them an unskippable six-second buffer between videos.

Enlisting a Video campaign is best for visual-heavy ads and those whose target audience frequently uses YouTube. It’s also ideal if you want to promote some type of video content.

3 – The Display Network

Image ads are highly effective digital marketing strategies to employ, and the Display Network allows advertisers to capitalize on that. It has two main features that your business can choose from, which are “marketing objectives” and “no marketing objectives.”

Those who choose “marketing objectives” can build their campaigns on impressions, engagement, visits, and actions. These campaigns provide an excellent way to build brand awareness, display image ads on YouTube, or show advertisements on certain websites.

Advertisers with a medium-to-large budget can also use a Search Network with Display Select campaign, which combines the Search and Display Networks, allowing for a broad reach.

4 – The Universal App Campaign

Universal App campaigns allow advertisers to advertise their mobile apps. It’s rather simple to set up, and it’s best if you want to boost sales in a new or existing app.

5 – Google Shopping

Google Shopping ad campaigns are also fairly straightforward—you can display products from your eCommerce store to the Google Shopping platform. There’s no need for you to create or target your ads because it will be automatic. It’s best to use it if you want to boost sales in your eCommerce store.

Work with a Google Ads Agency in Toronto

Google Ads is a powerful advertising tool that can boost your digital marketing. It allows you to choose customized campaigns depending on what you want out of the platform. Revisit this guide if you want to know which campaign works best for your brand!

If you’re looking for a Google Ads agency in Toronto, New Digital Marketing Agency has you covered. We can help your business grow through advanced and data-driven solutions. Work with the experts—contact us today!

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