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Google Paid Search Ads Management


Struggling to profit from your Google Ads? It’s hard to beat the high intent traffic that Google search provides. This is why Google ads are often a foundational paid ad channel for most businesses.

Potential clients are coming to Google every single day and searching for the exact solutions you offer, searching for you by name, and searching for your competitors.

We consistently launch, scale, and manage targeted Google Ads that drive great ROI and help you dominate your niche on Google. Get to what works faster - Book a Call today.

Show Up for the Google Searches that Matter Most​

Convert high intent search traffic into sales, booked calls and paying clients. Allow our team of Google Ads management experts to ensure your company is perfectly positioned and ranking on page 1 for the most relevant search terms and phrases that actually convert.

Every day, people come to Google and search for the exact products and services that you sell. Are you showing up? Are you confident that your ads are effective? Could you be saving more money? Could you be Converting more? Are you leveraging re-marketing efficiently and fully?

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Ray-Ban Google Ads
lawyers google ads

60-70% conversion rate improvement
family lawyers

google ads for saas

Decreased Cost of Customer Acquisition by 80% down to $30-40 for a SaaS marketplace

google ads for car dealer

Improved conversion rate by  200% while dropping cost per conversion by 65% for a car dealer

Why You Need Google Ads​

With Google Ads the devil is in the details. Thousands of dollars can be wasted if the strategy is even slightly off. We analyze the layers of your buyer’s journey to identify intent.

- What do the different search phrases tell us?
- Are they in research mode?
- Are they aware of your solution? Of your competitors?
- Are they ready to buy now?

Our Google Ads management agency will save you money and headache by properly prioritizing your budget to ensure that we dominate the key core phrases and build from there with well-monitored and calculated tests to expand.

Google Ads Dilemma

There’s a growing concern. Should decisions around Google Ads targeting, bidding and optimization be governed by the algorithm or controlled by the advertiser? Most of ppc management effort is about balancing between the two.

You can still exercise control over your Google Ads, and determine almost exactly how your ad will appear, but it’s not the default option. Google will make you jump through hoops to do so. It will effectively exert penalties for keeping that control, and will encourage you strongly to trust the algorithm to make the best use of your digital assets as well as your digital budgets.

For example.

- Broad match for reach ‘with benefits’ vs Exact match for diminishing precision.
- Maximize Conversions for machine learning - with its smart bidding decisions based on multiple variables for each auction vs Manual bidding, for human understanding that bypasses a whole lot of trial and error but has blunter instruments to use.

Google will overpromise the benefits of the automation, and will give you frustratingly limited data to be able to judge the effectiveness of those algorithmic decisions. Although Google makes it look like they can manage your ads automatically, it is not the case, and achieving results requires continuous and experienced Google Ads management by professionals.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, also known as AdWords, can be overwhelming to stay on top of. Your business depends on timing, from knowing how to structure your campaign to identifying the best time to execute it. New Digital, as a Google Ads management company has the necessary expertise and experience to optimize every campaign for maximum impact. We work with you to create high return campaigns that revolutionize your pay-per-click ROI and bring in high-quality leads.

Thanks to rapid technological advances, there are more ways than ever to reach your customers - in theory. In practice, millions of blogs, videos, and graphics are published every single minute. This has led to information overload, making it harder than ever to deliver your message to your target audience.

Google Ads is an effective method of targeting your audience because you can choose who you want to target based on various factors, including who there are, where they live, what their interests are, and more, which is why your brand needs to have a campaign that cuts through the noise and gets your message in front of the people who matter most.

Our Google Ads experts scour all the market research available to curate a comprehensive understanding of your client base and niche market. We build proven, conversion-focused campaign designed to increase your profits through targeted marketing and real-time monitoring and analytics.

Why Google Search Ads, Why Us

google ads keyword research

Research and Strategy​

One of the reasons Google Ads is so popular today is because it allows to boost traffic, attract more customers, and drive the sales. Getting the best results from digital ad campaigns requires to be really focused on customers and their needs. The ads have to be uber specific and highly relevant for the user to even pay attention to your brand, not to mention, for them to convert. Google Ads offers lots of great options, but you need to know your way around it.

Advertising, inbound marketing, is how your brand finds new customers and grows. Every ad we run is designed to accelerate your growth. Our Adwords expert team works closely with you to keep all your goals in mind and identify the metrics that matter to you. With your targeted goals in mind, we create engaging and immersive campaigns that deliver the results you’re searching for.

Our Google Ads agency partner with your business to fine-tune your campaigns built to grow your business month after month.

Creative Ad Copy​

When it comes to writing good ads, let the rules guide you: your ad copy should be highly relevant to the keyword, and the landing page should be highly relevant to the ad. It’s simple, but powerful. Unfortunately, while it’s powerful, it’s also one that gets forgotten.

The next logical question is how your ads look when they show up and how can we get the prospect’s attention so they click into your site?

We take into account where they are in their buyer’s journey and craft the ad copy based on what they want and need to know at that stage of the funnel and looking at the words they used to search.

Our creative team will write compelling ad copy that drives traffic to your site and look for opportunities where we can help you stand out from the crowd and your competitors.

We write for the humans who are actually searching and ultimately for the future buyers who will become your clients. This is not the time to look like everyone else.

Toyota Prius google ads

Google Ads Pricing

We believe in transparent and fair pricing.

Standard Google Ads setup is $449 initial fee, some projects may have more complex scope and setup and could be quoted higher.

Additional services are available and custom service quotes can be created to fit your needs.


$ 499
  • $2k/month
    managed ad spend
  • 1 Campaign Managed
  • Initial Strategy Created
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Ad Copy For Ads Created
  • Retargeting Audiences Created
  • Conversion Tracking Support


$ 749
  • $5k/month
    managed ad spend
  • Everything From BASIC plus
  • Up to 3 Campaigns Managed
  • Advanced Retargeting Strategies
  • Senior Ads Specialist Assigned
  • Monthly Strategy Call


$ 1,099
  • $8k/month
    managed ad spend
  • Everything From GROWTH plus
  • Up to 5 Campaigns Managed
  • Full Range Of Ad Types + Testing
  • VIP Support
  • Special Rates for SEO,
    local SEO

For $10k+/Month Budgets - Reach Out For a Custom Quote!

What We Do

Our Google Ads experts always engage in creating high-converting ads that allow you to customize your offerings to fit your client’s geography, interests, and demographics. We create targeted and optimized keywords designed to generate traffic and maximize your conversions. 

Through in-depth research of your competitors and your market, to build strategic and targeted ads that are designed to reach the right customers who are ready to buy your products or services.

There's a lot to optimize in Google Ads and the New Digital team is good at it. Our campaigns consistently deliver high return on investment. We optimize each campaign daily to maximize your pay-per-click ROI and bring in quality leads.

Supercharged Ad Optimization

We are continuously experimenting and developing A/B testing to optimize your advertising through innovative research and creativity. We create targeted ad copy built to supercharge your advertising and maximize your reach on Google Ads. Our Google AdWords expert will work tirelessly to provide unparalleled campaign optimization and analysis that drive positive results and accelerate your growth, powered by our broader team knowledge and methodologies.

Target the right traffic and take your business to the next level with New Digital’s cutting-edge Google Ads services. 


Our Google Ads management services are designed to drive website traffic by reaching the right customers every time so you can accelerate your growth with ease.

From our experience we very well know that you need a Google Ads partner who drives yours customer retention and conversions by creating precise campaigns with strategic execution.

We utilize the most advanced technology and methodology and we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions you don’t need to pay for. We work with your budget and you pay for only the services you use. 

Our experts spent years to master the are of Google Ads until they produced measurable and repeatable results to drive website traffic, convert more customers, and grow the sales pipeline.

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About New Digital

New Digital marketing agency is based out of Toronto and has successfully delivered more than 650 projects across the US and Canada, for more than 200 clients as of beginning of 2022. Our focus is on digital strategy, demand generation (as opposed to lead generation), lead generation (where appropriate), supported by the following channels: Paid Search (Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook), SEO and local SEO. We proved to deliver repeatable and measurable results for the following industries:

- Funded startups
- SaaS companies
- Law / Legal firms
- Accounting firms
- Non-profit organizations
- Construction and Real Estate
- Home improvement, including HVAC, Roofing, Paving, Junk Removal.
- Automotive and Car Dealerships