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Real Estate Marketing in Houston TX

Real Estate Marketing in Houston TX

Real Estate Marketing in Houston is extremely competitive.  Thousands of small, medium, and large-sized companies are in a race to grab their market share. However, finding a client is still very challenging. Real estate is an extremely diverse industry that also provides a lot of local opportunities to small businesses. And properly optimizing your website for search engines is equally important. Digital marketing is undoubtedly a great platform for realtors who are trying to make a name for themselves. Any developer, broker, or agent who does not use this platform actually misses loads of opportunities. What follows next are some effective strategies companies can look forward too:
  • Using a website, content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization to develop an impactful real estate brand.
  • Maximizing the use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ to attract new customers with the help of influencer marketing, lead nurturing techniques, or snaps sharing.
  • Using social media posts and youtube videos for maximum customer engagement.
  • Using heavy traffic platforms like,, Trulia, Hotpad, Zillow, Craiglist for advertising your real estate listings.

Real Estate Websites

Having a robust website for your potential customers is the first step in your digital marketing campaign. We are offering the following web design services:
  • Custom web design
  • Website maintenance
  • Mobile optimization
People that already have expertise in digital marketing know how vital it is to cater to a professional website. The idea of real estate marketing isn’t something new. But, there is a substantial difference between having a professional and a regular website. Now is the best time for all those agencies and realtors who are looking to move properties. Whenever you are developing a website, keep the functionality and aesthetics your top priority. Moreover, it is important to ensure other factors to improve the site’s efficiency. For instance, website speed, content quality, navigation speed, photo sharpness, etc., play an important role. Moreover, bombarding your website visitors with too many ads is not a good strategy. Rather, focus on updating your website with fresh and quality content. Our highly experienced professionals at Newdgtl can offer professional services in your website creation. We focus on creating an effective digital presence for real estate marketing in Houston TX. Our project managers ensure maximum collaboration with our clients to incorporate their ideas and messages into the overall strategy.

Real Estate Websites Optimized for Mobile Phones

Nowadays, potential customers mostly use mobile devices for searching purposes. This means you must optimize your website for tablets and smartphones as well. Our team will ensure that you get an optimized website for any type of device to get maximum results. Moreover, continuously adapting to the changing requirements of the digital world is our specialty. Our website maintenance services make sure that your website optimization does not falter at any stage. Newdgtl continuously improves website optimization even with the changing engine algorithms. Building an intriguing image in front of your user is very important in the real estate industry. Newdgtl has in-house graphic and web designers to ensure that you have a unique and appealing website for your potential customers. For further information, please stay connected.

SEO for Real Estate Marketing in Houston TX

Nowadays, the internet is probably the most favorite place for home shoppers to find their dream property. Therefore, a realtor will be missing “countless” opportunities to get ideal customers if they are not willing to invest in the optimized website on search engines. Anyone who is a broker, developer, a real estate group, or an individual realtor can get benefits from digital marketing. But, that is only possible if you can bring uniqueness in your approach to give you a competitive advantage among others. Things may look difficult at the start. But doing it in the right way and using white hat SEO techniques can help small real estate agencies. That said, these techniques can help them to give a tough time to those big-name brokers. Newdgtl offers SEO for commercial, industrial, and residential realtors by using true and proven tactics to bring tangible results.

Real Estate Digital Marketing services

Real Estate Google Ads, aka AdWords or PPC

Google Ads is a tool to bring traffic to your website. You can advertise your real estate offerings through Google ads. But it is important to know that this service is not cheap. You will have to pay for bringing visitors to your website by using Google ads. How much you have to pay to bring visitors to your website? How many of those will actually become your leads or customers? Moreover, it may be surprising for you that PPC is really expensive. So, if you do not utilize this tool properly, you may end up wasting a handsome amount of money. That is why it is vital to install an analytics system in this regard. It gives you an idea who visited your website and did they actually turn into a lead or sale? We at Newdgtl offer professional Google ad services for realtors or real estate agencies in Houston, Texas, and all over the US.

Professional Images and Photography

The first impression is mostly the last. Similarly, intriguing photos are very crucial in the real estate industry. But, homeowners and realtors mostly skip this important concept while marketing their properties online. Most importantly, people do judge a book from its cover because of the highly competitive real estate industry. That said, you have to be unique in thousands of listings on these platforms. It is obvious that people always prefer something appealing. Therefore, having unique and standout photos are important to differentiate yourself. Keeping that in mind, you need professional tools such as a wide-angle lens and professional photo editing. Our team knows how to portray your real estate property in the most optimal way. We have professional photographers to get premium quality professional photos of your condos, houses, apartments, townhomes, etc. Our professional photography team knows what it takes to give you high qualities photos for attracting potential customers.

Walkthrough Videos – Video Marketing

Video marketing is another very impactful tool in the real estate industry. This tool can open new dimensions for your potential clients. For instance, making high-quality walkthrough videos of your premises can be very effective. It gives your potential clients an in-depth look at the property you are willing to sell. A video walkthrough can be a more insightful marketing form to give a more realistic look. The best thing is, you don’t need a professional quality video for this purpose. Rather, a well-made using a high-quality smartphone would do things nicely. Moreover, you can use a drone for better results. Video marketing is a very effective and useful marketing tool in the real estate industry. It gives the potential buyers a better perspective of how things look in reality. You can use a drone to facilitate your customer in a better way. You can buy a drone or even rent it. But, if you are looking for a high number of videos, then buying your own will be a better choice. Our team can offer professional assistance with high-quality visuals, audio, and editing to portray your properties in the best ways.

Content Writing and Blogging

Although videos and photos are very important for marketing, content marketing is not just about visuals. Using a blog or website is another great method to attract visitors.  But you have to determine external websites where you wish to share your content. You can do that by building relevant and useful content on a website with good authority. This content will then link back to similar content on your website, but it will be unique and equally useful. You can use platforms like LinkedIn, medium, Quora, etc., for marketing your content. But, before doing that, you will have to create content on your website to attract visitors. This is a vital ingredient of content marketing. Well, if you are looking for a converting description for your property, we are glad to help. Our experienced copywriters exactly know how to represent your listings in the most effective way. We create and publish original and intriguing content with proper SEO to persuade maximum visitors for on-site visits.

Social Media Marketing

Over time, social media has emerged as a very impactful tool for digital marketing campaigns. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have millions of passionate users. If you can attract your targeted audience on these platforms, it will boost your business significantly. Currently, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with a massive number of users. However, reaching maximum users on Instagram is not an easy deal. Instagram algorithms keep changing regularly, and you need a captivating and resourceful profile for your real estate marketing. Moreover, you can use high-quality real estate imagery and videos to capture potential clients on Instagram. Use relevant hashtags and keeping an eye on your competitors is another effective way to get maximum results.

Real Estate Markets We Serve in Houston Texas

Realtors and Real Estate Agencies

A steady stream of new clients is very important for realtors to succeed in this industry. Mostly, realtors face a lot of difficulties to make long-term relationships with their clients or make them “repeat clients.”  The homebuyers feel reluctant to continue a professional relationship with the realtors who had helped them purchase their homes. This situation can be very frustrating and worrisome for many realtors. In fact, you may be wondering how to grow and get more regular clients. Well, you can have consistent growth and establish a competitive advantage by investing in a digital marketing agency for real estate agents.


Need a helping hand with your marketing hand to fill out the vacant units? An effective marketing strategy is still equally important to captivate tenants even if you have renovated everything. Time has changed, and modern tenants use the internet as a primary source to look out for new premises. Newdgtl has a team you need to differentiate yourself via Houston apartment marketing.

Home Inspection

There is a long list of steps that a home buyer follows to buy a property. The home inspection is one of the most important sections of that process. A prospective homebuyer will always have a house inspection before making any decision. It is obvious that home buying is one of the biggest investments for anyone. Therefore, every buyer will make sure that all the things are in the right place before signing a deal. If you are a home inspection company, you can use digital marketing services to get maximum reach. You can attract more visitors via effective content marketing, SEO, and web design.

Property Management Services

You may not believe it, but the property management industry is very more completive than your imaginations. With the constant increase in new entrants in the real estate industry, the existing ones are now forced to reassess their overall strategies. It is possible that you may be using faulty marketing techniques to get to your target audience. Well, if you are struggling with these issues, we can help you with them. Newdgtl knows what you need for marketing your property management services. Also, check out the following topics related to real estate marketing in Houston TX:

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