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Adwords for Property Management in Houston Texas

AdWords for Property Management in Houston Texas

AdWords for Property Management

At New Digital Agency, we work with many property management companies in Houston. We acquired significant experience in successfully launching and optimizing Adwords for Property Management. In every conversation with the businesses, we identified, again and again, the most overlooked item. The key ingredient. The one that can make or break the entire campaign. It’s the campaign structure. Let’s review the most common mistakes and what is important.

SKAG approach

There are many ways to consider structuring your campaigns. Some prefer to include 5-20 keywords per ad group. Whereas others prefer the SKAG approach – a campaign structure with one keyword in multiple match types per ad group. With the SKAG approach, the Ad Groups don’t contain too many keywords. Therefore we can better optimize the ad copy to match each keyword.

Many campaigns in Adwords for Property Management in Houston Texas are not structured to allow precise performance optimization and require the campaign structure needs to be updated. Others experience inconsistency with the phrase match, mostly using broad match. Ordinary broad match brings in the most irrelevant search terms.

In addition to SKAG, we recommend the following best practices.

Own brand campaign

Create a separate search campaign with your own brand keywords. The brand campaign performance will be completely different from your other campaigns.  Users looking for your brand are already familiar with your services and the company. Running a separate brand campaign will allow managing its budget separately from non-brand. That also means that you need to add your brand keywords as negative keywords to your non-brand campaign. Otherwise, the brand traffic will go through both campaigns and you will have less control over it.

Targeting one network

Google offers to target several networks in the same campaign, and it is a bad idea If you are looking for optimized results. Recently Google added newer campaign types: Smart, Dynamic, etc. These campaign types automatically serve across multiple properties by default. There is no option to turn off one of the channels. These campaigns also work as a black box. Many businesses rely on them at the start. And very soon the businesses have to switch to the standard Search campaigns. Google Search Campaigns provide settings that allow campaign optimization and fine-tuning. Therefore, we recommend unchecking the option to have ads served on the Display Network for Adwords for Property Management in Houston.

Proper campaign structure

Campaign structure should support business goals. The non-brand campaigns should be organized according to the sales funnel stages, conversion action, product or service, targeted geographic areas, budget requirements, etc.

Often, the campaign structure doesn’t allow tracking the relationship between the search keywords and actual customer searches. While this is the most important input for optimization and fine-tuning of the Adwords for Property Management Houston. Using mostly one match type (broad), which is broad by definition, doesn’t let you narrow down the exact keywords and relevant ads.

We know how to set up a campaign properly. Immediately, it is much easier to see the keywords that create traction and convert better, the better-converting ad copy, irrelevant terms, new keywords to be added, etc. At New Digital we use this data to more optimally allocate the budgets, and boost the best performers while pausing the under-performers.

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