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Perfect Google Ads campaign – How to nail it

Perfect Google Ads Campaign – how to make sure your campaign is almost perfect during the campaign setup? It is one of the most frequently asked questions.

This simple answer is that there is no way. But the are steps one can take to increase chances of better performance.

First of all, the campaign needs to be set up properly, including:

  • relevant search keywords, including negative keywords
  • engaging ad copy
  • proper ad group -> keyword -> ad copy structure
  • campaign settings

The objective is to generate highly relevant traffic, that is more likely to click.

The next step, after the launch, is to monitor the Google Ads Campaign performance (CTR, CPC, impression, search terms, etc) and make the necessary campaign adjustments.

No one is able to set up a perfect campaign without testing it in different particular market conditions, particular for every single market and location. But the mastery is to be able to monitor and adjust the campaign, to provide optimal performance.

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