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3 Reasons Law Firms Should Start Implementing Local SEO

You may already have heard of SEO, a process of improving a website to increase its online visibility by pushing up its rank. Every company with a website has a set of SEO strategies to maximize its online presence and gain as much online attention as possible. That being said, do you know what local SEO is? It is pretty similar to SEO, except that local SEO efforts are targeted locally, whereas SEO is targeted globally. In other words, the strategies involved in local SEO are about capturing as much attention from customers who live around the business’ area.

That said, as a law firm, you may be wondering if you need local SEO, if at all. After all, SEO alone should be enough, right? Not necessarily. Here’s why your law firm needs local SEO:

1. Boosts Local Client Base

Is the majority of your client base from the local area or an international level? As a law firm, most of your clients are likely from your immediate area. As such, it makes incredible sense to employ local SEO to attract them to come and seek your services. 

With local SEO, you can showcase the services you have to offer to the most significant source of clients, and it can also encourage people to trust you more, which further boosts traffic to your website.

2. Focuses on Local Keywords

Traditional SEO helps you to rank for general keywords that are used around the world. However, this doesn’t help boost your local presence, unlike what local SEO offers. Local SEO focuses on local-centric keywords, not globally-focused keywords.

For example, rather than using keywords like “law services,” a local-centric keyword would go along the lines of “law services in Ontario.” Such keywords are locally relevant and are much more focused. This means that when local users are looking for a nearby firm, they are brought straight to you, given you are using a local-centric keyword.

3. Pop up in Google’s Map Pack

What’s so great about Google’s Map Pack? It’s much like being number one on a search engine’s results page (SERP). Google’s Map Pack appears in approximately a third of all first-page SERP, and if your business shows up there, you essentially enjoy the benefits of being top rank! With the Map Pack, clients can quickly identify local businesses and how to reach out to them. 

All your information will also pop up in your Map Pack, which is taken straight out of your GMB (Google My Business) profile. As such, you must set up your GMB profile to have a chance at being included in Google’s Map Pack.


Local SEO is vital to the operation of any law firm around the world. With it, law firms can maximize their presence to their local clients, which is more than likely their primary source of income! That said, if you do not have local SEO strategies implemented to your business just yet, it is time to take action. Feel free to reach out to a professional SEO agency to help you out. They’ll assist you in building a reliable and professional local SEO strategy that will push your local ranking up and higher to ensure you gain the attention you deserve to grow your firm.

New Digital Marketing Agency is a data-driven digital marketing agency in Canada, helping businesses maximize their online reach and secure success in the online and offline world. If you need local SEO for lawyers, get in touch with us today!

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