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3 Best SEO Practices That Accounting Firms Should Use

Modern businesses use the digital space to spread the word about their brand, and one of the best methods remains to be search engine optimization (SEO). SEO allows visibility for websites by ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), depending on how optimized the content is.

Many businesses use SEO, and this digital tool has proven to be beneficial even for accounting firms. SEO may be a technical concept, but there are easy ways that accounting firms can use it.

So, what are some of the best SEO practices that accounting firms can use? In this article, we’ll shed some light on the matter at hand. Read on below to learn more.

#1 – Build a Website Tailored for Visitors

A business must always pay attention to its customers first. If prospective customers happen to look your brand up online, a good website is always necessary. 

You also only have seconds to grab their attention because your customers will be the ones to determine whether you deserve their business or not. Accounting firms can get attention by creating eye-catching headlines such as “Accounting, Tax, and Financial Services–All in One Place.

#2 – Engage in Constant Website Updates Through Relevant Content 

Websites with regular content updates are in Google’s good graces because it allows for higher rankings in SERPs. However, it can take some time before it takes effect.

As for how much you should update your website, it’s still a matter of debate. Some say that three to four times a week can be enough, while others say that once a month is fine. When you think about it, though, it’s best to stick to a schedule that won’t burn you out faster. 

Factors regarding the content are also different. Most would say blog posts with a thousand words work best. Keep in mind, though, that for accounting firms, no one would want to read a long and technical topic. It’s better to give them highlights or use words that will let them understand better.

A call to action should also be included at the end of your blog posts, as it tells them what their next steps should be. For your services as an accounting firm, you can urge your clients to contact you or set up a consultation meeting.

#3 – Make Use of Keywords

SEO is built on a foundation of keywords and keyword research, so this is a given. However, it’s not a one-time process, and you must always create appropriate keywords depending on the circumstances.

For accounting firms, some of the most common keywords include accounting, accountant, CPA, and services such as tax, audit, and bookkeeping. The good thing about keywords is that density isn’t critical nowadays because Google can now figure out the content based on a single keyword alone. However, it’s important to mention if you only work with clients in a specific location, such as “accountants in Toronto” or other similar keywords.

You can also add keywords to your page titles. Page titles are the links that can be clicked when they show up in the search results. This helps figure out what the page is all about, which allows your page to rank higher in SERPs.


Many businesses can employ SEO in their operations, and accounting firms are no different. The tips mentioned above will help accounting firms boost their online presence, provided that they follow them. The results won’t be immediately seen, but they will slowly but surely build up—guaranteeing long-term success.

New Digital Marketing Agency delivers quality SEO for accounting firms, and we also offer other services such as Google and Facebook Ads. If you need to have your accounting firm’s online presence boosted, get in touch with us for a consultation!

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