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5 Simple Ways to Boost Amount of Website Conversions Today

Do you have a significant amount of traffic coming to your website? That’s great! But that’s only half the battle. When you are getting enough traffic, the next thing you need to do is make that traffic do something, also known as getting them to convert. Website conversions may take various forms. They can purchase a product, sign up for your email list, or contact you to inquire. Whatever it is, getting your site visitors to convert is important and here are ways you can increase your conversions: 

1. Always Have an Engaging Call to Action (CTA) 

CTAs are essential because they work. It tells your site visitors what to do, and they will likely do it the way you suggested! Therefore, taking the time to craft a meaningful CTA that is strategically placed on your site and content will do the trick. Make sure the CTA is easy and quick to follow. 

Here’s another tip for your CTAs: instead of using links, use buttons. They’re more visually appealing and have higher click rates compared to links. 

2. Test Everything

Test all the elements on your website, such as your media! You know how important media is on your website, but if you want them to produce your desired results, you need to make sure they work. With that, test media files like your videos and images. Make sure they work and test it in ways to determine what appeals most to your site visitors. 

Besides your media files, test other elements like fonts, layouts, and colors. Split tests will help determine the efficacy of these elements and will lead to more effective applications of web elements. 

3. Ensure the Site Is Readable

Every webpage on your site must be readable. This means that it can be skimmed through easily, and your site visitors will be able to gain valuable information by it without reading it word per word. This is because most people who visit websites only skim. 

Furthermore, you can make your site more readable by writing shorter paragraphs and insert visuals into the contents to prevent large chunks of text. 

4. Keep Your Site Mobile-Friendly

There is a growing number of mobile users today, so it only makes sense that your site is readable on mobile. Keep in mind that these users will browse websites online, which means your site needs to be optimised for it. Otherwise, you could lose a significant amount of site traffic. 

5. Use Thank You Pages

A Thank You page on your website is useful because it will show you the number of users who have converted, as this is where they will land! You can make the most out of your Thank You page by adding another CTA. Perhaps, you can upsell by selling a related product or service if they purchase within a specific time period. 


When you are getting a lot of traffic on your website, it’s critical that you ensure you’re getting them to convert. Try out some of these methods to increase your conversions and grow your brand!

Let us help you with your digital marketing strategy in Toronto to increase your conversion rates. New Digital Marketing Agency specialises in understanding your customer experience online and with your brand to optimise your conversion rate. Get in touch with us. 

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