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Promote Your Startup Business Using These 3 Local SEO Tips

Running a business at the early stages can be very stressful and challenging, which all startup business owners can agree with. But if you want to establish your business well, you need to optimize your online presence. 

Creating a website that is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) should be a priority for startups. It encourages online traffic to your business, attracting a broader customer base.

So if you want your business to be known in your area, you need local SEO for that. Here are some techniques that you can use:

1. Build an SEO-Optimized Website

The ultimate goal of creating an SEO-optimized website is to increase organic traffic to your site. To do this, you need to pay special attention to keyword research and metadata.

Search engines like Google match user queries with keywords. For instance, if a user searches for “cheap hotels in Los Angeles,” Google will show results of websites that used those words in their web pages.

For startups, keyword research helps you identify user queries that you can potentially rank in. if you try to battle large companies with hundreds of times and resources to rank for keywords with a 10,000 per month search volume, you’ll only lose. On the other hand, aiming to rank in keywords with 500 to 25,000 monthly search volume increases your chances. 

Metadata refers to your on-page content, including URLs, browser titles, headings, descriptions and alt texts. Your metadata gives search engines information about what your website is about, allowing it to rank your site in search results and match it with user queries. 

2. Create a Business Listing on Google My Business

Google My Business is the hub of local businesses online. When a user searches for stores, services or restaurants in their area, Google will favour businesses with listings on GMB. As a startup, that is very important. Putting your business on the online search should be your priority in your local SEO efforts. In addition, you can utilize GMB features like posts, photos, reviews and questions and answers. 

3. Develop Your Credibility

You need to develop your business’s credibility so users and site visitors know that you are legitimate. Establishing a solid online presence as a startup business is even more critical since you don’t have any reputation yet. You can utilize both social media and link-building (backlinks) to achieve credibility. 

Curating an incredible social media presence means attracting organic traffic and engaged followers. Being consistent in posting and managing interesting content are two ways to build your social media authority.

Boosting your website involves link-building, which is the process of getting trusted websites to link back to your site so that more customers will view it. And since it comes from a trusted source, visitors will now trust your business, too. Just be careful about being backlinked by shady websites since that may just damage your reputation.


Using these three local SEO tips will help your startup company improve its local ranking, raise leads and attract more customers. The truth is that Google prioritizes websites that provide a good customer experience, so your goal should be to engage with customers and not to monetize from them. Eventually, your excellent ranking will just result in a higher return on investment (ROI). 

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