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14 Reasons to Invest in Digital Marketing for Towing Firms

In 2020, the World Bank reported that there are 38 million people living in Canada. In the same year, another research revealed that there are over 35 million internet users in the country. Thanks to this overwhelming majority, many companies have built websites and relied on digital marketing campaigns to grow their business.

One of the biggest misconceptions about marketing online is that digital marketing is only for eCommerce shops—that is completely false. Every business requires a solid digital marketing strategy, even those who primarily function offline. Towing companies, in particular, can greatly benefit from working with a company that specializes in Google Ads and other digital marketing solutions.

If the sheer number of internet users is not enough to convince you, here are a few more reasons why you need a smart, data-driven digital marketing strategy. 

Enhances Lead Generation

Let’s not fool ourselves: the goal of the entire digital marketing process is to generate leads. As a towing company, we know that one thing is necessary to thrive in 2022 and beyond: leads. 

For your business to make money and grow, it’s vital not to ignore the number of leads that could come from digital marketing channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We can’t stress this enough. 

Low-Risk Investment with High Returns

When you consider all the other ways you could invest your money, digital marketing is one of the lowest risks. This is particularly true when you sign up for Google’s pay-per-click campaigns

With this advertising agreement, towing businesses can show their ads on Google search results and would only have to pay for the ads that receive clicks. This is in contrast to the pay-per-view ads where businesses need to pay every time their ad is displayed.

Sustainable Strategy

Your investment in digital marketing for tow companies will provide great short-term and long-run results. In the short term, your marketing efforts will receive quality leads. However, in the long term, an increase in brand awareness is at stake. 

Google will reward your business with trust if you have a longer history on their platform—not only in Google Ads. This means that they are more likely to feature your business and rank it higher in their search results if your website has been online for a long time but is continually updated.

Better Brand Recognition

If someone sees your logo more than once, they begin to perceive it as valuable on a subconscious level. With the power of digital marketing, your logo should appear on different platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and more. 

Through your carefully curated and crafted online presence, consumers can begin to recognize your logo when they see your tow truck on the road.

Establishes Legitimacy

We are living in a very digital and internet-dependent world. Many even believe that if it’s not on the internet, it doesn’t exist. Furthermore, 76 percent of customers check a company’s website, social media, and other forms of online presence before they purchase a product or hire a service. If you want to be even considered as a business, you have to work on your online presence.

Increases Brand Visibility

Word-of-mouth marketing used to be the primary source of tow truck leads, but it is no longer the case. Today, a towing company must be visible online to capture leads. 

On average, consumers spend more time online than any other activity. With round-the-clock access to smartphones and WiFi, there’s never been a better time for towing companies to increase their digital visibility.

Campaign Measurability

When we conduct a venture, it usually works best when there is accountability. Since digital marketing success is measurable, marketers are held accountable for their actions. 

You may counter that you’ve heard of marketers that don’t provide reporting, but there’s no excuse for this; In fact, nobody should stay with such a company for very long if they can’t track the results of their campaigns. The bottom line is that accountability is present and should be exercised.

Flexibility and Harmonious Collaboration

Organic SEO is one example of the many digital marketing possibilities for your towing business. Paid advertising on Google Ads is also worth considering. 

In fact, since every kind of digital marketing can work together, you can integrate strategies to create a multi-platform campaign to reach your business goals.

Boosts Sales

A lead is a prospect that will turn into an actual sale once converted. Without leads, there would be no sales. Without sales, leads have no value. 

But with digital marketing, you can attract the best prospects that are ready and willing to talk to you. Using calls to action on your site blogs, social media posts, and other digital content, you can begin taking calls, instant messages, and emails for customers who need your services.

Low-Cost Marketing Materials

Traditional marketing dictates that you rent a billboard, print hundreds of posters, and hand out thousands of flyers to reach your target audience. You don’t need to do all that in digital marketing. 

With one click of a button, you can publish your latest promo to millions of people around the globe. You can even use a platform’s targeting feature to focus on an area or specific demographic.

Easy Scalability

Your internet marketing budget can increase as your towing company grows. Once your firm experiences significant growth, you can easily spend more money on marketing to keep pace. 

Conversely, if you are new and do not have much budget, you can spend far less than what you will have at that point. As your online marketing campaigns begin to work and bring in results, you will have more control over your finances. You can easily increase how much you are spending.

Advertising Diversity

They say you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. This is one of the most commonly given yet practical pieces of business advice. Don’t rely on one asset; diversify! 

This is also true for digital marketing. Avoid investing your entire marketing budget in one platform and campaign. Use all the available platforms for you. Just remember to manage them carefully and assess your analytics to make your campaigns more effective.

Opportunity to Be a Leader

Due to recent world events, many towing businesses think that digital marketing is negligible.  Most towing companies believe there is no use advertising because most people are working and studying at home and rarely go out—that is completely wrong. 

Since people are more stuck with their digital devices than usual, this is the prime time to advertise! Consumers will eventually leave their homes, and when they do and need a tow, yours is the name they will remember.

Future Trajectory of Businesses

You can expect that this year and beyond, technology will keep evolving. Since technology and the internet continues to dominate people’s consciousness, digital marketing remains a major part of any business’s success. 

If you want to harness the power of digital marketing and ride the upward trajectory, you better start now. Traditional forms of marketing still have their places in today’s world, but their spot is significantly less compared to digital media and advertising.


In today’s modern age, digital marketing is the name of the game for towing business marketing. It doesn’t matter if your services are for offline use. Using sound, smart, data-driven digital marketing strategies is essential to keep your business competitive and relevant.

You don’t have to worry even if digital marketing and Google Ads management are not your forte. There are digital marketing and Google Ads agencies that can formulate, execute, analyze, and manage your online marketing campaigns.

New Digital Marketing Agency is a premier digital marketing agency in Toronto. We offer a wide range of data-driven, measurable, repeatable, and expertly executed digital solutions to help your business shine online. Team up with us today!

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