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An In-Depth Intro to Google Ads and Potential Mistakes On It

Customer acquisition is not the easiest goal to achieve if a business’s activity online is simply stagnant. Your customers may not know anything about your brand, products or services. However, they may also have the potential to truly love and support it when finally introduced to it. Thus, businesses online should invest more in digital marketing and advertising. 

There are plenty of existing tools as-is for businesses to utilize, though be wary of any mistakes that may drive customers away rather than inviting them closer to your website and profiles. For instance, Google Ads can be an effective service that you can have under your belt. 

Keep in mind that any shortcomings, unintentional or not, may turn into wasted efforts and further obstacles to prospects. It’s best to be informed when including it in your campaign. Continue reading for an in-depth introduction to Google Ads and the potential mistakes involved.

What Is Google Ads?

Also known as AdWords in the past, Google Ads is a certain advertising service under the search engine of the same name. Essentially, businesses will display their own ad campaigns on Google’s search results through a pay-per-click model, leading users to their website.  

The campaigns your business prepares can show up on different avenues of Google’s search engine like the Shopping or Maps tab from time to time. The advertisements set up may also show up on various networks under Google too, like YouTube and Gmail.

What Is the Use Behind Google Ads?

The principle behind Google Ads is that you can attract clicks from different users online by highlighting your website on the search engines results pages. The cost behind this particular digital marketing strategy will depend on the results that your ad campaign will garner overall. 

The more clicks and visitors that get on your site, the more successful your ads are. There are higher chances for conversion too. Coupling that cost-effectiveness with great results, there’s just no reason not to include Google Ads on your business’s marketing plan in the digital space.

What Are Common Mistakes with Google Ads?

Starting a Google Ads account should be straightforward as it’s also free to create an account on it. From there, you can connect your website to your profile and create an ad campaign. This preparation stage is often where many troubles may start to occur. It’s important to rectify any existing problems or plan out the campaign ahead of publishing. 

If you desire any assistance that would ensure zero mistakes from the beginning of your business’s utilization of the platform, seek out a knowledgeable professional. That way, they can guide you on how to flawlessly use Google Ads and reap the benefits of better customer acquisition. Avoid common issues, such as:

1. Ignoring Keyword Research.

Google has a very text-based algorithm that requires different keywords to ensure a proper match. When businesses ignore undergoing keyword research, your campaign is essentially aimless. There’d be very little chance that an online user would stumble on your site. Even media-based search results would require alt text that needs keywords.

2. Utilizing the Wrong Keyword Match

There needs to be a keyword match between the phrases you use in the campaign and what your potential site visitors are looking for. While it doesn’t have to be the exact search term or intent all the time, it’s important to at least have a broad match or phrase match. Be more strategic in your approach and pick the right keywords to include.

3. Engaging in Keyword Stuffing

Some businesses make the unfortunate mistake of just using lots of keywords to attract prospective customers from everywhere, no matter the query. While that may seem to work in theory, Google’s algorithm tends to tag these sites as keyword stuffing. It’s important to pick quality over quantity and to pick the phrases that matter instead.

4. Paying No Mind to Negative Keywords

Google Ads lets you list down negative keywords to ensure that the quality of your ads’ results will be much more fruitful. For instance, if you have fees for any quotations on your business’s services, put “free quotes” and similar phrases onto negative keywords. Users clicking on your website shouldn’t have the wrong expectations, after all.

5. Directing Traffic to the Home Page

One important thing to remember about Google Ads is that you’re getting paid traffic when people click on it. Be sure to make the most of that opportunity by providing a relevant web page for site visitors to land on. Simply allowing people to see the home page will make less of an impression and lessen the chances of conversion rates.

6. Inadequate Landing Pages

With the info mentioned above, make sure that your landing pages actually have something to offer to your site visitors. When it’s too bland to the point that it lacks information, prospects are more likely to click off the site rather than to explore more. Make sure that the site page can stand alone and provide people with a call to action.

7. Forgetting to Run Tests

While some businesses may afford to wing the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, it’s safer to run a test or two to see the potential cost-per-click. Request an agency to run A/B testing for gathering information on which variation of the advertisements works better. You can also narrow down which elements had made a significant difference.

8. Failing to Work on Customer Conversion

A usual mistake that some businesses may make when coming up with their ad campaign is to forget the customer conversion aspect of it. However, missing out on putting a CTA should be avoided at all costs as businesses should capitalize. The clicks are already there, so guide site visitors to making a purchase or sending an inquiry.

9. Misunderstanding Google Ad Campaign Types

There are different ad campaign types that your business should be aware of since it’s best to optimize the output with the audience in mind. Each one will have a different result, so it’s best to be aware of those to make an informed decision.

For example, if you’re focusing on expanding your audiences, try creating discovery campaigns that are focused more on bigger media-based platforms under Google. When you want to get app downloads, consider pushing an ad app campaign on Google Play. 

10. Creating Questionable Ad Marketing Campaigns

Businesses creating ad marketing campaigns may not produce an ideal output that will be appealing to online users. It could be in the construction of the sentence, the tone of the writing and other possible elements that may be nitpicked. Show professionalism.

If you want to reduce questions and increase results, have an agency provide adequate copywriting for your brand’s website. Aside from incorporating key phrases and highlighting your business’s goods or services, it’s sure to strike a good impression.


Google Ads can be quite a powerful tool when utilized and optimized in the right way. You can generate so much traffic and conversions as long as your execution doesn’t involve any mistakes, appealing wholly to the search engine’s algorithm and your potential site visitors.

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