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Top 10 Local SEO Tips to Accelerate Business Growth in 2023

Do you want to market your small business more effectively in 2023? Learning to use local search engine optimization (local SEO) to enhance your website’s ranking on Google’s search results pages can help you achieve this aim. This will attract new visitors to your region to your website, increasing in-person foot traffic and revenues.

This very effective strategy will almost certainly work for your company, but it will take some time and effort to put into place. Learn how to implement some key aspects of this strategy for 2023 and where you can find a local SEO agency

10 Local SEO Tips for Your Small Business

Acquire High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks from credible websites are a vital source of extra traffic for your website while also signaling to Google that your site is authoritative and worthwhile. Submit guest posts and blog posts to relevant high-authority websites in your niche, along with a backlink to your company in the text or as part of a footnote, to obtain these links.

Because backlinks are in great demand, getting other websites to accept your guest articles might be tough. If you’re having problems with this step, get assistance from a Toronto digital agency. Most of these businesses provide guest blogging as part of their local SEO services since they work with major websites and know precisely what their editors are looking for.

Combine Text and Infographics With Images

In local SEO in Toronto, user experience is a big deal, and it’s usually quantified using things like bounce rates and session lengths. Infographics (particularly those with searchable text) and visuals with extra text can help people stay on your website for longer periods. They’re also useful for engaging people who digest visual content more quickly than the written stuff.

Implement Voice Search 

Voice search is a popular function with a large volume of searches, particularly on mobile devices. Catering to mobile users is critical because they are more likely to be local with high purchase intent. Consider how a normal user might phrase something in a voice search, and then utilize the phrase as a long-tail keyword in your blog content to attract those people.

Increase Your Video Marketing Efforts

Because many people use platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram regularly, video marketing has become far more viable than in previous years. 

Small companies may take advantage of this trend by establishing sponsored video advertising on Facebook or Google Ads to gain local visibility. Remember that video marketing is a common SEO service offered by most digital marketing firms, giving you a simple way to get the video content you need to promote your brand without investing in expensive equipment or editing software. 

Maximize Google My Business (GMB) and Google Business Profile (GBP) 

Even though Google My Business is still in use, Google has declared that in 2022 it will be replaced with Google Business Profile. The GMB app will be retired due to this, but new functionality will be added.

Meanwhile, Google My Business remains one of the most important marketing tools for small firms that rely on local traffic. Claim your company’s GMB listing, fill in the data, and upload a few photos to finish your profile and make your website simpler to locate for local searches right now.

Experiment with utilizing the Posts function to keep your consumers up to speed on what’s going on with your company over time. These changes will provide your company with a significant SEO boost and may pique consumers’ curiosity across your profile.

Prioritize On-Page Keywords 

Once you’ve picked a solid collection of keywords, you’ll need to spend some time placing them where they’ll be most successful. They should be prominently shown on each webpage, for example:

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Heading tags

When using numerous keywords, attempt to group them in the text to maximize their SEO impact.

Recalibrate Your Content Using RankBrain

Google’s RankBrain is a specialized AI that helps decide how a website will rank for certain search queries. It was introduced in 2015. 

RankBrain, like all of Google’s algorithms, is constantly improving to select better the criteria that real users care about. It has a rather comprehensive grasp of search intent in its current state. This implies that, regardless of precise keyword matches, it will display search results in the order that is most likely to show the user what they want to see.

Keywords are still essential, but you need content that answers visitors’ problems in an easy-to-understand and interesting manner. Examine your previous content (as well as your plans for new content!) to ensure that everything you publish is relevant, straightforward, and beneficial to the user.

Recognize Your Customers’ Requirements

The foundation of effective local SEO is a thorough grasp of your client’s motives. What aspects of your business or the items or services do you provide pique your clients’ attention the most? What kinds of inquiries do they want to know the answers to the most? 

By creating a complete first-party data strategy for your business, you can discover more about what draws the most people to your site and then utilize that knowledge to make your content even more enticing to the audience you’ve built.

Use Keywords to Your Advantage

Keywords are the foundation of SEO, as they determine which search terms you will rank for and which sites you will compete with within those rankings. It’s critical to choose yours carefully if you want your website to be more visible to your target audience. 

You may use various keyword research tools to locate terms related to your business, receive a reasonable number of monthly searches, and are not overloaded by your competitors.

Use Social Media to Disseminate Valuable Content

Social media is where today’s internet users spend a lot of their time, allowing advertisers another way to reach out to their customers. 

Post relevant content on platforms that you know are popular with your target demographics to take advantage of this chance to boost your local SEO (e.g., TikTok for teens or LinkedIn for professionals). 

Easy-to-digest content, such as short movies or infographics, works particularly well in this channel. The consumer should be able to absorb most of your content just by scrolling through their feed casually.

Use Effective Local SEO To Put Your Company Ahead of The Competition

It’s time to build your business if you’ve already started one. You may have more alternatives, but one of the most effective ways to grow your small business is to establish a presence online.

Local SEO might be your finest ally in this endeavor. Local SEO promotes your company’s brand, goods, and services to local leads and consumers. According to Hubspot research, local search traffic accounts for 46% of Google search traffic. Therefore, a lack of local SEO might result in your business losing considerable traffic.

Mastering local SEO will greatly improve your small business’s exposure and revenue. You can set your firm on the right track for success in the new year by investigating these tactics and learning how to combine them in the way that works best for your marketing goals.


These 10 practical local SEO techniques will help you achieve your 2023 business objectives and provide you with a firm foundation when new SEO capabilities are launched. Consider hiring a professional to assist you with local SEO services for the greatest outcomes. Many profitable businesses have benefited from the aid of a professional in securing local customers. 

New Digital is a Toronto digital agency specializing in offering professional and unequaled Google Maps optimization for your business. We also work with you to create new and inventive methods to interact and engage with your consumers so that your local customers can find you every time they conduct an internet search. Accelerate your growth with us today! 

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