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Getting Junk Removal Leads Through Google Maps SEO

Technology has changed the way we approach marketing and advertising. Indeed, businesses nowadays have to invest in digital marketing alongside traditional marketing efforts. This is especially true for hyper-competitive industries like the junk removal industry.

And while there are a slew of different ways to approach this, Google Maps marketing yields the best results. If you own a junk removal business and want to market your company over Google Maps, your local SEO strategy will be key. So how do you go about doing this? If you want to learn more about this, read on as we discuss getting junk removal leads through the use of Google Maps SEO.

What Is Google Maps Marketing?

Marketing your business on Google Maps is a process that uses Google Maps’ search, phone, and other features to increase your online visibility. The objective is to make your business appear in customer search results when they search for businesses like yours.

How Does Google Maps Marketing Help Your Junk Removal Business?

As a junk removal business owner, there are two main concerns: getting your business name and phone number in front of potential customers and ranking in the local search results for queries related to your junk removal services. To achieve those goals, you need to target local search terms related to your junk removal business so that you appear in the search results when someone searches for those terms.

What Are the Factors That Affect Your Local Ranking?

As its name suggests, Google’s local search algorithm ranks local results by their relevance to the search query, distance from the searcher, and the prominence of the local business. The algorithm considers the following signals when it determines these ranking factors:

  • Google My Business signals
  • Onsite signals
  • Link signals
  • Citation signals
  • Personalization
  • Behavioural signals
  • Social signals
  • Review signals

With all of this in mind, you can begin to optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing and your business page ranking in Google Maps.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to manage and optimize your Google Business listing, which appears under the local search results and on a map. It also improves your business page’s ranking in search results on Google. 

Google My Business features consumer reviews, photos, and questions right on your business listing, along with other information Google pulls out of the web. Creating a Google My Business account allows you to manage your listing and customize the information that appears on it.

What Can Junk Removal Businesses Do to Rank Higher on Google Maps?

First, make sure potential customers can find your business on local search. This means getting listed on Google Maps. While this may sound like a trivial improvement, consider the fact that there are millions of people who make use of the Google Maps app to find local businesses and services.

Sometimes, when a business moves or their information changes, Google Maps creates a listing for them under the old address. Similarly, if a business has low-quality information on Google Maps, Google can create its own listing rather than not have one at all. But many times, this happens due to miscommunication between the business and Google.

Whatever the reason, duplicates are never good for local SEO and Google Map rankings. The result is that both listings compete with each other, lowering visibility for each. It also can create confusion for potential customers if they can’t find the shop at the original address. This is why it’s in your best interest to get rid of any duplicates.

The basics of any great local SEO-optimized business listing on Google Maps are your business name, phone number, category, and physical address—the four fields Google requires to create a basic listing. Do you find it intimidating to write your business description on Google? That’s okay — we do, too! How do you sum up an entire organization within the 750 character limit and make it sound so appealing that customers pick you over the competition?

While this may seem like a daunting task, it’s actually much simpler than you think. All you have to do is to put yourself in the mindset of your target customer. From their perspective, consider what makes your business really stand above the rest. Generic descriptions like “great services” just won’t cut it in today’s competitive and diverse marketplace. Instead, ask yourself what your customers need and try to craft a description that addresses these needs.

Aside from providing your customers with sufficient information, adding photos will also help you significantly. Customers want to see what a business offers before walking inside—and Google Maps photos are the best way to advertise yourself. By updating your business photos regularly, you give potential customers more incentives to check out your services.

People want to see photos of new businesses more than they want to see old photos of businesses. Google’s algorithm also favours new content. Google prioritizes businesses that are active online, especially ones with regularly updated websites and blogs. It is essential to add new photos and website updates to your Google business listing as well as your main website and social media pages.

Once your business is listed on Google Maps, take the next step and claim your Google Maps listing. Claiming your business builds online visibility and increases click-throughs to your location. In fact, the Search Engine Journal claimed business gets 7 times more clicks than an unclaimed listing and is 70% more likely to attract customers. Aside from the increased click-through rates, claiming your business gives you access to alerts whenever an update is made. That way you can easily correct any inaccuracies with your listing and thank customers who take the time to leave a review.

Speaking of reviews, don’t be shy about asking customers to leave a review on Google Maps. The simplest method to get reviews is to ask customers directly to do so, particularly after they’ve made use of your services. Better online reviews lead to better visibility online. If your customers do leave a review, make sure to acknowledge it with a brief message. This will improve customer engagement and will let them know that you care about what they have to think about your services.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you generate more leads through Google Maps SEO. As you can see, you can maximize your online platforms through the use of Google Maps SEO. While this may seem tedious, applying what you learned here will go a long way in ensuring long-term sustainable success for your junk removal business. If you need more help with this, be sure to make use of professional digital marketing services.

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