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How to Grow a Dealership Effectively on Facebook

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Do you want to grow your dealership? Have you considered doing it on Facebook? This could be the solution that will give you the results you want. Imagine having access to the three billion users on the platform today. The opportunities this social media platform offers businesses today are too good to ignore. 

So how do you grow your dealership and improve your brand through Facebook? New Digital Marketing Agency has some tips for you: 

How to Grow Your Dealership on Facebook

Work on All Touchpoints

It doesn’t matter what kind of marketing strategy you’re focusing on right now – social media, digital, traditional, or others. The important thing is that you are interacting with customers at every possible touchpoint. Yes, the focus here is on Facebook, but we just want to remind you that you need to leverage all possible channels for your gain, too. That said, you should know that even if most purchases are still done in-store, 56% of all in-store sales happened due to digital interactions. That means, from the time they come across your Facebook page to the day they pick up the vehicle they’ve purchased, you should show your customers that you are focused on their needs. 

Use Your Content and Keywords Wisely

When posting content on your Facebook page, you should make sure that you incorporate the right keywords. It should also be appealing and engaging. How do you know what keywords to use? There are tools that can help you with that but you can also consider what keywords consumers typically search for regularly. As for your content, create ones that will encourage followers to interact. Always ask – Is this going to ignite interest and discussions? What can you do to make it more exciting? Think about these things before you hit that ‘post’ button. 

Invest in Ads and Conversions

If you really want to grow your dealership, do consider investing in advertising through Facebook. There are great tools that help you measure cross-device conversions like Facebook Pixel. This also optimizes delivery to users who are more likely to take action. Of course, you can let your trusted digital marketing company take care of these things for you. Whether you do it on your own or you seek the help of professionals, you must remember to track your progress so you know which ones work and which doesn’t.

Watch Your Metrics

You’ll be able to see if your dealership is growing through the metrics that Facebook sets. The four basic ones include reach, results, impressions, and cost per result. Your reach tells you how many people saw each content that you post. Results, on the other hand, show how many times the advertisements you made achieved the anticipated effect all throughout the campaign. Cost per results tells you how much you spent per impression and conversion that formed the campaign’s objective. Finally, the impression tells you how many times your content showed on a person’s screen. 


These are just some of the things that you can do to help your dealership grow more on Facebook. But while it all seems so simple, it’s actually a complex endeavor that requires time and dedication.  A digital marketing company that’s experienced with social media marketing can help you get started or improve your current strategies. 

New Digital Marketing is a reputable digital marketing agency that can help improve the performance of your dealership through social media, content, and other strategies. Contact us today to know how we can help you!

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