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Common Google Ads Mistakes Law Firms Should Stay Away From

Google ads do not come cheap. However, if your law firm is looking to generate new leads and acquire new clients, it may be the solution you are looking for. Google has an ever-changing algorithm and software, making the creation of effective Google ads a challenge. Google ads, if done correctly, will work wonders in putting your law firm on the map. On the other hand, committing even the slightest mistake may hinder your law firm’s Google ads campaign. 

Part of building a successful Google ads campaign is knowing to avoid the common mistakes that are sometimes committed. To ensure that your campaign will be properly set up, this blog post will provide knowledge on the common Google ads mistakes to help you steer clear of them. 

Common Google Ads Mistakes Law Firms Should Stay Away From

If you are trying to set your law firm up for success, having a strong online marketing campaign is a must. Since many of your potential clients will be using the internet to find a good law firm to work with, avoiding these common mistakes will help you be found by the people who will benefit from your services the most!

If you are in the process of revamping your Google ads strategies, here are some of the mistakes you should take note of to avoid when you are mapping out your plan. 

1 – Sub-Par Keyword Choices

Using irrelevant keywords will spell bad news for your law firm. If you do not see enough traffic on your website, it may be time to consider changing or updating your keywords list. Remember that using relevant keywords will likely yield a high conversion rate or at least an optimal one that will translate into new clients.

2 – Lack of Targeting

To see the leads and conversions you expect from an effective Google ads campaign, you need to target the keywords for them to be efficient in reeling potential clients in. You may narrow down your audience by using location, audience, and device targeting.

3 – Low Keyword Search Volume

Using keywords with low search volume will not be of any use to your Google ads campaign. Although bidding for law-related keywords may be expensive, snagging a few high-ranking ones will prove to be good for your campaign. 

4 – Neglecting Local SEO

Local SEO is something that many people neglect when it comes to building a successful campaign. They may be so concentrated on other aspects of their Google ads that they forget about local SEO. using keywords that will be specific to your local place of business will help bring new visitors to your website. 

5 – Poor Landing-Page Relevance

Look into the keywords that you link. Making keywords (no matter how high-ranking they are) link to irrelevant landing pages is another mistake you will want to avoid. 


Now that you know about the most commonly committed Google Ads mistakes that many law firms have, don’t make them the reason why your firm is getting poor results. If you need more help building a solid Google ads campaign and SEO plan, hiring the services of a digital marketing agency that knows its way around Google ads is the key. 

If you are looking for a data-driven digital marketing agency, contact New Digital Marketing Agency! Work with an adwords expert and get your conversion rate up to where it needs to be!

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