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3 Ways to Boost Brand Awareness with Voice Search SEO

A voice search system is a dialogue system intended to mimic a discussion between a human user and a computer-based interface. That might be your smartphone, a smart speaker in your house, or any other gadget that can recognize and respond to spoken commands. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered voice assistants utilize a technique known as natural language processing (NLP) to “learn” and identify your speech patterns over time. Although the technology isn’t flawless, it is getting more polished all the time. The more you use it, the more effective it becomes.

Voice searches are performed in the same way that you would have a chat with another person. To account for this, there are a few significant changes between them and a traditional keyboard search. Vocal search keywords are lengthier and more conversational than text search keywords. For the most part, while doing a text search, the emphasis is on the relevant terms you want a search engine to pick out  like, “lasagna recipe” or “barbershop near me.” 

Because it is more natural for people to speak in questions, voice searches are often phrased in this manner. You wouldn’t say anything like “barbershop near me” to a human being. In the case of voice search, the situation is the same. “Hey Alexa, where’s the closest barbershop?” is a question you’re more likely to ask.

Strategies to Make the Most of Voice Search SEO

When developing an effective voice search SEO strategy, it’s essential to keep the following in mind: 

1. Gain an Understanding of the Client

The way you personally use voice search may not be the same as everyone else. Learn all you can about your target audience, including their demographic makeup, so you can better understand how to meet them where they reside. Voice search will also be used differently by various people on different platforms—one group may favour mobile voice assistants. At the same time, another may choose intelligent speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa.

You should also be aware of what your target audience is looking for. you may generally split local voice search into a few general categories like physical address, driving instructions, phone number for a company, or business hours. In the same way that on-page text SEO is essential, building your site to address frequent user queries and requirements is essential to achieving first-page rankings in search results.

2. Pay Attention to Terms That Are Used in Discussion and User Intent

Speaking to a voice assistant or smart speaker in the same manner as speaking to another person is increasingly common. When they speak, they will utilize whole sentences rather than just a handful of keywords; therefore, you should arrange your content appropriately. Consider the natural terms that people might use to seek your company using voice search to develop a list of potential keywords. Prepare your website and company listing to respond to those inquiries and as many more as may arise in the future.

3. Make Your Page Simple to Classify by Using Schema Markup

Apart from backlinking and particular keywords, there are additional techniques you may use to inform the computers that scan web pages—known as “web crawlers”—about the content of your website and the queries it answers. One of the most straightforward methods of doing this is via a tool known as schema markup. Schemas are HTML website add-ons that may be used as labels for web spiders, and they are becoming more popular. They inform Google and other search engines where your website belongs, thus informing them that your website is a suitable match for a user’s search.

The use of schema markup assists web crawlers in categorizing your website, which aids in the optimization of your site for SEO by making the defining information easily accessible to visitors. People who use voice and mobile search will be able to get to your website much more quickly due to this.

It is not necessary to possess extensive coding expertise to complete this task. There are several free tools available to you for incorporating schema markup into your website. The Structured Data Markup Helper provided by Google is beneficial. Input your website’s URL and follow the on-screen instructions to customize the information that appears in your site’s search listing.

Final Thoughts

Increasing organic traffic to your website requires a thorough knowledge of your niche market, as well as an understanding of how to produce compelling content that encourages growth and how to optimize every word to generate sales. Fortunately, we’re here to help you along the way to creating professional, fantastic content designed to increase your conversions while keeping costs low.

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