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Top 4 Digital Marketing Strategies for Auto Dealers

Not every car buyer is the same. When it comes to finding a car, every one of them has their tastes. Some people prefer a modern model, while others prefer the more classic ones. Some aren’t seeking a particular car and are willing to consider different options, while others have a clear idea of what they want. 

Whatever it is that they are looking for, one thing stays constant. Potential car buyers have access to the internet. Car purchasers in the digital era do not simply go to a dealership; they rely significantly on what they see online.

We’ll go over four distinct digital marketing tactics that will benefit your dealership and push your brand forward in the digital world!

1. Social Media Ads

According to Facebook for Business, over 80 percent of buyers find social media useful when deciding to purchase a new vehicle. Through high-quality auto dealer advertisements on social media, you may reach out to your target clients more efficiently. 

These ads resemble ordinary posts in appearance, except you pay to promote them to a particular audience that may not have already liked or followed your page. Users may be targeted based on their interests, location, demographics, discussion history, and other factors. These advertisements may improve brand awareness, site traffic, and social media engagement by broadening your dealership’s reach.

2. Online Video Marketing

According to Google research, YouTube swayed 64 percent of shoppers who watched videos when shopping for a car. Customers are more inclined to watch a video than read a blog post. Videos also provide you with more content to share on your social media accounts, allowing you to engage with your audience. Aside from that, it aids in the development of your brand image.

How-to lessons, client testimonials, car tours, and sales event footage are all engaging ideas for video content. Remember, though, to keep your videos brief when making them.

3. Personalized Email

Email marketing is often taken for granted; in fact, just 73 percent of dealerships employ email campaigns as part of their overall marketing strategy. As a result, many auto dealers are squandering a valuable chance to interact with clients.

Effective email marketing helps dealerships deliver tailored offers to consumers, allowing them to explore new options. Research has shown that 35 percent of customers prefer emails personalized to their interests. Furthermore, 28 percent stated they would click on a dealer’s email if it had information about a style, color, or model they were interested in.

4. SEO Strategies

Most modern consumers go straight to search engines when looking for a specific thing to buy. However, they don’t have time to trawl through countless websites searching for what they’re looking for. They’ll pay attention to two or three of them and disregard the others. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) tactics are crucial. 

Your website attracts more attention and generates more hits when you rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) than your rivals. This may be accomplished by generating high-quality content on your website that includes all relevant keywords, measuring and monitoring your visitors, and employing the appropriate tools to assist you in better SEO metrics.


Traditional and digital marketing have many differences, but they have the same goal of attracting as many prospective customers as possible. As a car dealer, using online platforms can help you achieve and maximize this goal. If done correctly, this will significantly assist you in generating leads, increasing sales, and increasing engagement.

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