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Why Facebook Marketing and Ads Are Effective for Lawyers

When it comes to the subject of marketing for lawyers, Facebook is one of the most brought-up platforms for consideration. It makes sense because the social networking site has brought in more than $36 billion worth of ad revenue from its advertising services.

The question is whether this is actually a good investment to get clients. Consider the following factors when thinking of tapping into Facebook Advertising:

Social Media Usage

People in need of legal advice often go online to search for resources and look at feedback from other individuals. When they’re not doing that, they usually find themselves on social media. The average person dedicates around two and a half hours to Facebook and other socials every day. 

Because Facebook ads can base their relevance on a user’s search habits, this can automatically gear your marketing towards actual would-be clients. And because it boasts a 2.89 billion-strong active user base, your audience is already there in droves. It helps that you can also connect with them directly after they’ve seen your ad because you can set up a personal Facebook page for your business. 

Audience Analytics

Any digital agency worth its salt will tell you that audience analytics are one of the richest resources to mine when figuring out a marketing strategy. On Facebook, advertising tools are provided for pages so they can see their content’s performance and the kind of demographics that they are reaching. This way, you can tweak your posts accordingly to reach your target market.

Additional promotional tools specifically target users based on interests, age, activities, liked pages, browse topics, and education. These categories can be very useful for lawyers, especially if they practice under a specialty that is niche. 

Campaign Creation

Facebook allows you to create an actionable impact. This means internet users don’t just see your services and that you exist. They actually get exposed to a call to action (CTA) that they can actually interact with, so it leads to you. From interactive sponsored posts to CTA buttons, you can use this to convert curious users to actual clients.

The beauty of social media is that people are already looking to interact when they are on it. It also feeds that need for different forms of media, as you can host video, images, text, and even audio for your posts. All of these factors lend themselves to the creation of an ad campaign that can boost your services above the rest.

Brand Credibility

People have a tendency to rely on social media for their information these days. You can use that to your advantage as you establish your own page as a relevant source of legal help. This also adds to your trustworthiness in the eyes of prospective clients because they can look through your page, see your face, and have an idea of your “voice.” 

As they start to like and share your page and even leave feedback, your brand credibility inherently increases. 


If you are wondering if creating a Facebook page and getting into their advertising is worth the effort, you may find that it is actually beneficial. Of course, you’ll need to follow through with your content and ad management. That said, if done in the right direction, it can definitely be a boon for your business.

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