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Why Backlinks Are Important and Why Your Business Needs Them

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not necessarily the newest, shiniest toy on the shelf for digital marketers, but it certainly remains incredibly impactful. When you compare it to other strategies and systems used by businesses today, it’s easy to see that nothing comes close in terms of results.

You likely already have a robust SEO strategy using various methods you learned online. Thanks to the power of the internet and how conducive it is for learning, keywords are now nestled into your website blog headlines, meta descriptions, and digital content.

But SEO is so much more than mere keyword density. If you really want to take your online visibility to the next level and help it stay in first-page status for the foreseeable future, you’ll need to start investing your efforts into another measure: website backlinks. 

Backlinks are commonly defined as a link that refers to any inbound link to your website. Nowadays, such an output is obtained whenever someone—typically of high domain authority—references their website and includes a link to their original content or landing pages. Additionally, a backlink is created whenever someone shares a link to your website on social media. 

TL;DR: backlinks are a type of link generated whenever a website (or its pages) is mentioned and linked on another website.  

Why Are Backlinks So Important for SEO?

Backlinks are generally crucial for Search Engine Optimisation because they act as an indicator that helps Google (or any other search engine) see that your website contains quality content. When built over time and used often, these critical assets help enhance your digital marketing strategy’s impact as good content almost always attracts more visits and conversions.

Currently, websites with more backlinks have been proven to attract more organic traffic from Google search results. In fact, when people post links to your website on their sites or via social media, you will need to rely far less on paid measures such as Google ads to drive traffic for higher result rankings! 

How Do You Build Backlinks?

One of the best ways to generate more links for your website is by building relationships with fellow vendors and clients. In the case of B2B businesses, harvesting such assets is particularly quicker as having them post backlinks will be much easier, especially if one’s products are listed on their site.

Apart from utilising networking and business relationships, another great way to build the list of backlinks routed back to your website is by creating and publishing high-quality content. When paired with an airtight website campaign, assets such as guest blogs or features in established websites in your industry can help you build links passively over time.

Admittedly, developing a long-term and effective backlinking strategy can be quite tricky because of the processes, principles, and practices involved. Fortunately, this is where an expert like New Digital Marketing Agency can come in and lend a helping hand to attract more results for better outcomes.


While many different elements go into building a successful Search Engine Optimisation strategy that works, you shouldn’t take backlinks for granted. By taking it upon yourself to supplement your ranking strategy with high-quality backlinks, you’ll be able to rake in even more returns from your digital marketing efforts in no time.

At New Digital Marketing Agency, we offer high-end digital marketing strategies to help your business grow. Bringing organic traffic to your website requires an intimate understanding of your niche market, how to deliver engaging content that drives growth, and how to optimise every word to create conversions. Contact us today!

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