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How to Avoid Committing These 12 Common Facebook Ad Errors: Part 2

We know by now that both new and old businesses can benefit from using Facebook advertising. Although its services are widely available and easy to execute, every marketer can still commit common Facebook ad errors. 

Your business’s ability to reach an enormous audience can be done with Facebook. This platform can assist your business is growing, expanding, and going global, but it has to be utilized seamlessly to achieve your goals. 

Target your expected outcomes and avoid committing these Facebook advertising blunders. Without further ado, here’s part two of our mini-series:

Error #7: You’re Using Too Much Text on Your Ad Images

Using too much text on your ad images may overwhelm your audience and may lower click-through rates. Facebook explicitly tells you if your sponsored ad contains more than 20% text, which they consider as a no-no on their platform. This is their way to regulate ads’ text-in-images. 

It’s important to note that Facebook’s implementation of such restrictions will, unfortunately, cut down your ad’s reach. As your ad’s text-to-image ratio increases, your reach will begin to drop. Using the Text Overlay Tool, you can easily avoid using too many text elements in your ad images.

Error #8: You’re Using a Non-optimized Landing Page

Facebook ad marketing blunder happens to anyone across different platforms. When the design of your advertisement doesn’t match your landing pages, customers will be confused. 

You must know that sales occur on the page you direct your ad traffic to, regardless of how much time you’ve spent creating a wonderful ad experience. It is vital to keep your advertising and landing pages consistent, especially regarding the appearance of pictures, typefaces, and colours.

Error #9: You Avoid Split Testing

Creative advertisements don’t always yield a high return on investment. While you may be confident with an appealing design, you must always perform split tests before launching your campaign. Optimize your campaign and monitor results with split testing by critiquing colours, using screenshots or videos, proofreading copy, and polishing headlines and CTAs.

Split testing will also help you get to know your target audience better for future advertising efforts. Make the process meaningful by testing advertisements one at a time.

Error #10: You Haven’t Collected Enough Data

Producing an effective ad does not magically increase your brand’s exposure and your page’s traffic. Before launching a campaign, ensure that your marketing efforts incorporate all the necessary data to entice and attract consumers. 

Without enough data, your campaign will underperform. Note that your ad’s effectiveness will have a direct impact on meeting your sales expectations.

Error #11: You Don’t Review Previous Mistakes

Through various methods, you can achieve conversions for a buying intent. But even with a perfectly optimized ad, you must keep your ad’s performance under constant review and make necessary adjustments to maximize your ad’s potential. 

Regardless of whether you’re running a grassroots campaign, a significant expenditure, or a focused demographic, you must always keep an eye on your ads. Evaluating, improving, and testing your old ads can help your future advertisements in the long run.

Error #12: You’re Rushing New Advertisements

You’ve finally cracked the code. You have a responsive audience, leads are rolling in, and you’re getting conversions, but what’s next? If you have an ad that’s performing well, take the time to analyze it. Don’t rush yourself and sit back to further test your performing ads before working on new campaigns.


There’s an expectation that advertising on Facebook will automatically lead to positive reactions from your audience. To avoid Facebook ad blunders, it’s essential to recognize and grasp the most frequent pitfalls. You’ll be able to stay on track and focus on using Facebook advertising to attract new customers, build traffic, generate leads, and improve revenue.

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