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Ad Fraud PPC Campaigns Should Be Protected Against

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Everyone that’s got a space on the internet is aiming to rank first, or at least at the very top. Pay-Per-Click (often abbreviated as PPC) is the ideal way to do well and turn a profit, too. Aside from having returns that are persistent and results that are pretty quick, it’s also a popular advertising technique. A company becomes far more visible on the likes of Bing and Google. Visitors from PPC are more likely to end up converting as well.

It’s safe to say that PPC is the most popular channel for online marketing, actually. Unfortunately, the flip side is that there’s a whole lot of click fraud. Even experts in the PPC field find hurdling ad frauds to be a challenge.

Read on to learn more about common ad fraud PPC campaigns should be protected against:

Bad Bots

Almost half of internet traffic overall is made up of bots. Meanwhile, bad bots run on malicious scripts meant to make repetitive tasks on ads quickly. As a result, fraud clicks happen without conversion, leading a significant amount of them to bleed out. Bad bots repeatedly click on ads, essentially draining the budget. Simply put, any possible PPC campaign profit is all but invalidated because you get empty clicks that don’t lead to conversions at all.

They play a major role in decreasing human involvement in apps, websites, and paid ads. That said, marketers from multiple aspects worry about dealing with bad bots on their websites. It basically leads ads performances’ values to lower considerably.

Click Farms

These are a lot like bad bots because paid ads are clicked on much faster than usual. The biggest difference, however, is that bots are not involved here at all. Actual people are involved instead; internet rules aren’t strict in some parts of the world. At those places, a team of people ends up being salaried to click on competitors’ ads to decrease their outcomes.

Click Spamming

According to PPC experts, sudden heavy spikes in paid campaigns are likely dealing with click spamming. Humans play a major role in this as well, doing fake clicks as fraudsters. There are also clicks that are redirected to random vendors, and other clicks will end up to invisible ads. It heavily affects the ability to meet paid result expectations.


A geo-location that’s hidden with a different global location in place instead is geomasking. It’s pretty much used in order for fake clicks to be made, largely with VPNs. Needless to say, it’s PPC campaigns that have location-based restrictions that are heavily affected. VPN is generally used for false clicks to be made through a different location. Paid campaigns end up damaged as a result.


PPC campaigns are one of the most popular channels for online marketing. However, that also makes them incredibly vulnerable to all sorts of ad fraud. Some experts in the PPC field have a tendency to struggle with the issues as well. Common types include, but are not limited to, the likes of click spamming, geomasking, bad bots, and click farms. While all these pose a challenge, reliable PPC agencies know what to do when faced with these, so it’s crucial to work with an experienced and expert PPC agency.

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