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Everything You Need to Know About PPCs and Startups

Setting up a business has never been easier. Technology has evolved, allowing small businesses to reach and influence potential customers. In addition, social media platforms have made it easier for small organizations to reach their audiences. 

While it has never been easier to start a business, businesses still struggle to be profitable. Between numerous forms of advertising, small organizations may become overwhelmed trying to keep up with all that’s available. 

With the advent of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, entrepreneurs do not need to spend money on creating their own promotional campaigns; instead, they can have smart programs placed on their websites that bring in visitors organically.

What Is PPC?

Small businesses use PPC as a cost-efficient way to draw in new customers while they are still building their brand. Customers who use PPC often do not have a large budget to spend on advertising, so they are more likely to be more responsive to the ads they see.

PPC is growing in popularity. In fact, paid search has grown at a faster rate than organic search in recent years. The popularity of PPC advertising has led to a large market of small businesses trying to outspend each other to reach customers.

This influx of small businesses has led to many startups. The increase in competition has made it harder for businesses to succeed through PPCs by creating an environment where everyone tries to outspend everyone else for the same visitors. 

Why PPC Is Useful for Your Brand

PPC is a cost-efficient way to advertise in the initial stages of a business. When starting a company, entrepreneurs do not want to risk their limited funds on advertising that may not draw in visitors. Using PPCs allows them to advertise their business organically before they have launched or created their brand.

Once they start to successfully draw in visitors, they can use the information they have gathered to gain customers and promote their business.

What Makes a Great PPC Ad?

PPC ads draw in visitors based on their keywords. Businesses must choose their keywords carefully to ensure that their ads will draw in the visitors they want. 

Here’s what a great PPC ad is made out of.

1) Headline

Your headline is your first chance to attract visitors to your ad. People are unlikely to read your full ad if they are not interested in the headline due to the amount of advertising they are exposed to on a daily basis.

The headline of a PPC ad is different from that of a blog post. Headlines of blog posts are written to draw in readers. However, PPC ads’ headlines are written to describe what your company does, what you’re selling, and why your audience should care.

2) Description Lines

Description lines are the lines below the ad title.

This is your chance to further explain your company, products, or services. You don’t want to give too much away at once; the purpose of this section is to entice people to click on your ad.

Description lines are also what people will read to determine if they are interested in your product. If your description lines are not convincing, you won’t be drawing in business.

3) The Display URL

A display URL is a URL that leads straight to your website.

In PPC ads, this is what you will see in the search results. It is where your website will appear.

The display URL is important because it is what people will see when they view your ad. It is what will convince them to click on your ad and visit your website. You want your display URL to be compelling.

4) The Final URL

A final URL is a URL that is shown in the search results when an ad is clicked. When a user clicks on your ad, the final URL is where they will be directed.

Make sure your final URL leads to an offer that encourages buyers. This is why it is important to make your display URL intriguing enough for users to click on your ad.

Catering to the Google Ads Platform

The Google Ads platform is used to run PPC campaigns. If you advertise through Google, you are advertising on the most-used search engine in the world.

With Google, you have the opportunity to tap into a large audience. In order to maximise your advertising efforts, it’s important to keep Google’s guidelines in mind. 

The first step in using PPCs is creating an ad. Creating your ad is different from creating a regular blog post. Regular blog posts are created to inform, entertain, or build your brand. PPC ads are created to entice people to click on your ad.

Remember, you want to convince your audience to click on your ad due to the display URL.

Google Ads prefers to show ad copy that is more straightforward. This is why it is important to clearly explain what your business does. The best ads are simple and straightforward. Use the Google Ads platform to your advantage to ensure that you are writing an ad that will be accepted.

How PPCs Help Startups

Small businesses are faced with a number of challenges when they first start out. It is hard to gain a foothold in a saturated market. It is difficult to find customers and to get them to purchase your product.

Here are two reasons how PPCs can help startups.

1) Improves Website Traffic

Once you create your PPC ad, Google will place it on your website. This increases your website traffic, which is good for both your website and your business.

Website traffic can lead to more visitors. With more visitors, you can build your brand, drive more traffic, and gain more customers.

2) Gives You Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is crucial in business. While there are many small businesses trying to outrank each other, you need to work your way towards the top.

You can gain a competitive advantage by improving your website. If your website is more promising than the website of your competitors, you will gain more customers. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as security, loading speed, or layout.

Cons of Using PPCs

While PPCs are helpful, they can also be a disadvantage. Here are a few of the disadvantages of using PPC campaigns.

1) Expensive

Google Ads is the most used search engine in the world. This means that its advertising program is hard to get into and competitive. Businesses must pay a certain amount to advertise on Google.

Google Ads is a great place to advertise. However, it is also expensive.

2) They Aren’t Optimised

PPCs are optimised for users. Often, your PPCs will be placed at the top of your website’s search results. However, this isn’t ideal for your website or business.

PPCs provide a quick fix. They don’t help you build a website that is optimised for Google and the users who use the search engines.

3) Clicks Aren’t Guaranteed Buys

When you run PPC advertising, it is important to remember that not all clicks are guaranteed purchases.

Many users who click on your ad will not be ready to buy. This can be frustrating because you are spending money to bring people to your website. You won’t be seeing much of a return if they aren’t ready to buy.

Make sure to have good content on your website to keep these potential customers interested. PPCs are not a fast fix; they take time to get results. The goal is to maintain the traffic you gained from PPCs, but keep in mind that bringing people to your website is only the first step.


Using PPCs when starting small businesses is a great way to gain a competitive advantage. Later on, when your business starts to grow, you can use PPCs to advertise to the new customers you have gained.

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