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8 Best Practices in Running Google Ads for Dentist Websites

Dentistry is one of the most recent industries transitioning into the digital space. As the competition becomes fierce, dental clinics advertise and market their businesses and services online to make more people know about what they do.

Since running Google ads is one of the best digital marketing techniques ever established, it would help dental clinics and dentists make a difference in the online world without exerting too much work. But how can they do it correctly and efficiently? Here are some ideas.

1. Allocate the Budget Correctly

When running Google ads, clients need to allocate the budget correctly. It is essential not to spend more than the budget can get. It will be a waste to spend on ads if the funding cannot return.

Thus, it is necessary to perform various tests. The budget allocated for Google ads should be divided into small amounts for several weeks and then evaluated. Allotting different budgets per campaign can help determine whether the ads are adequate for the decision of the final budget.

Google Ads is a campaign-based online advertising platform known to be easy to use and one of the most recommended ones these days. Google has improved the interface of its platform to make it even easier to run ads. Therefore, if you are just starting a dental clinic or planning to take the first step in running ads, it’s better to take your time to understand the process before starting one.

2. Conduct Effective Keyword Research

Google Ads provides a vast number of keywords. It is impossible to choose a limited number of keywords. The process of selecting keywords would be more efficient if clients did keyword research prior. Keyword research is the process of finding a specific keyword that can bring more conversions. It is essential to select the right keyword and the correct number of keywords to get the goals.

It is the task of SEO companies to conduct research and find the most relevant keywords. They should search for those words that would help to boost the dental clinic and dentists’ SEO ranking. There are many ways to perform keyword research. It is possible to use different tools to help to understand the kind of keywords that can bring more traffic to the dental clinic. Keyword tools can be found online, such as the Google Ad Planner, Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, and KeywordTool.

3. Identify the Target Audience

The next thing dental clinics and dentists need to identify is the target audience. It is necessary to identify the location of the place where the target audience lives. The area should be within the location of the dental clinic. Successful campaigns focus on the site prominent to their target audience.

The audiences are what bring Google Ads effectiveness. The advertising campaign can get new patients and customers if the clients target the right audience. Those who need the kind of dental treatment would look for it in the search engine. Through optimizing keywords and maximizing the tags people search on search engines, there is a higher chance that potential customers will end up on the client’s landing page.

4. Remember to Optimize

It is impossible to have the best keywords if Google Ads would not work. The job of SEO companies should be to optimize the dental clinic website and dental blog. The dental clinic needs to create a website and dental blog that contains all the information about the dental services provided by the clinic and the clinic itself.

There should be information about the dental clinic, the dental services and the dentist who works there. Remember that optimizing the website makes the experience of the visitors better. It would also be best to create good content to attract more people to visit the dental clinic.

Clients need to consider the most relevant keywords and target the right audience to optimize their company websites better. Additionally, the dental clinic needs to pay attention to the landing page that they set up. It is the most critical area in the process. Then, the dental clinic needs to monitor the campaign and the performance.

5. Test the Ads

Dentistry is a field that requires immediate action. Thus, the dental clinic and dentists need to test the ads. If the ads can bring the right audience, dental services can be helpful. However, if the ads cannot get the right audience, the dental services offered might not be what the audience wants.

Most agencies suggest dividing the budget into small amounts and testing the ads in several ways. It would be a way to determine if the ads are effective or not. The dental clinic needs to try out different keywords, a new landing page, and a new tool.

6. Initialize the Campaign

If the dental clinic and dental patients have chosen the right keywords, they will find the right audience. However, they need to optimize the Google Ads campaign correctly and adequately. The dental clinic and dentists need to set up a good landing page and relevant ads.

Only then can the client send out their campaign to the target audience. It is possible to get more customers and more people to come to the dental clinic. The process stops when the dental services are delivered as expected, which is good.

The initial process can be expensive because it requires time to test and optimize the dental clinic website and dental blog. The dental clinic and dentists need to keep an open mind to test and optimize a new method. Sometimes, the best Google Ads method is to change the keyword and target audience.

7. Check for Feedback

It is necessary to check the feedback from the audience. Clients need to identify and react to the feedback left by their customers. Therefore, the dental clinic needs to listen to the customers’ feedback and understand what they say. It is necessary to collect feedback from various parts, such as the dental clinic, the dental blog, and the dental AdWords campaign.

The dental clinic can improve the services if there are problems. The feedback could help to find out the new way and the new method used to improve the dental services offered. The dental clinic and dentists do not have to wait for customers to give feedback. They need to ask their customers to share their experiences. It is necessary to improve dental services and provide better services to the customers.

8. Evaluate the Overall Performance of the Campaign

It is necessary to evaluate the performance of the campaign comprehensively. The dental clinic could learn what is going wrong and what is going right. The dental clinic needs to keep track of the expenses and how effective the promotions are. If the advertisements do not end up in the targeted outcome, spending more money on them is no need.

Evaluating the overall performance of the campaign would help the dental clinic or dentist understand the customer better. It is possible to serve the customer better and provide the services they want.


Google Ads can be a valuable tool for dental clinics and dentists. The dental clinic needs to set up the Google AdWords campaign wisely. They can start the drive with a budget that is not too high yet. It is possible to spend the funding in small amounts and try out a new method. Then, the dental clinic can monitor the campaign’s performance and improve it.

The dental clinic would find out what is working and what is not. The dental clinic needs to check for the overall performance to understand the customers better and provide good services to them.

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