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How Local SEO Can Boost Your Small Junk Removal Business

A business is not a business without competition. In a junk removal business, the setup is usually like this: one big company overtakes the leads for the other smaller companies. When people look for the service, the first thing that comes to mind is the big company. Instead of seeing this as a lost opportunity, why not see this as a new possibility?

As a small company, you need to shift your focus and marketing efforts into something more valuable and profitable for your small business. Instead of competing with the large corporation, focus on servicing your small area. 

Now, you might be questioning how you can do that? Fortunately, optimizing your SEO efforts for your local area can give your business an edge over your competitors. 

How Local Search Engine Optimization Helps

Local SEO can increase your business’s online presence in your local area. When people look up the services you offer, the right SEO strategy can get your business at the top of their search results. Therefore, instead of competing with the large junk removal competition for a wider area of interest, focus all your efforts on the specific space you want to cater to. 

However, before you successfully make it to the first-page recommendation or top results, you need to know your search engine’s preferences. For example, most search engines would give your page a favourable rating if it sees it as valuable and relevant to the searcher’s query. One way to achieve that is not to forget to add an essential element—the location name in your keyword. 

When you add the name of the particular place you are targeting, your search engine would understand that your business is within the area. It would know that you target the searchers in the mentioned area. Rather than competing with keywords on a national level, you can concentrate your SEO efforts on your specified audience. 

Some Local SEO Tips to Help You Get Started

If you want to have the edge over your junk removal business competitors, here are some tips you should consider implementing:

1. Fill Out Your GMB With Correct Information

Google My Business is a free tool to help your business appear on the Google Search and Maps queries. It serves as your official business profile in the Google search engine. Make sure that you input complete and accurate information in this tool. 

Ideally, what you write here is the same information on your website to avoid confusing search engines. Do not forget to link your site as well. That could increase your chances of appearing in the page results. 

2. Do Not Break the Guidelines

Google has set standards for the GMB feature, so if you do not want to get a penalty or be banned for a long time, you might want to review and play along with the rules of your search engine. 

Some entrepreneurs take advantage of dirty tactics by using another business’s targeted keywords to replace their own business name. Google does not like this practice. You might just get your listing suspended for trying. 

3. Respond to Reviews

More positive reviews can increase the credibility of your business. Make sure to interact with them, whether they are positive or negative comments. A company that knows how to manage its customers directly could tell Google that they are an active business and also gain potential customers’ trust in the process.


Keep the provided tips in mind when creating your SEO marketing strategy, but make sure that you also watch out for the latest updates from your search engines. Google, for example, usually creates around 500 algorithm changes each year, but they always keep their market updated. Make sure that you watch out for that and adjust your tactics accordingly.

If you want more help in creating strategic SEO for your junk removal business, we can help. New Digital Marketing Agency can help improve your SEO rank through our state-of-the-art technology and solutions. Contact us today so we can help you expand your reach and grow your business. 

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