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Top 10 Myths About Google Ads Business Owners Need to Know About

Since Google’s online advertising platform was launched on October 20, 2000, a lot of myths have grown up around Google Ads. This means that businesses often misuse the potential of their brands, burn budgets or give up their campaigns for Google Ads.

While we cannot list all the myths out there, New Digital Marketing Agency, your trusted Google Ads agency in Toronto rounds up the top 10 myths about Google Ads. These are the ones that are keeping a lot of businesses from making the most of Google Ads. Keep reading our article to find out if any of these issues affect your business in any way:

Myth 1 – No One Clicks on Google Ads

Fact: While it’s true that there are people who deliberately steer clear from Google Ads, there are many others who click them. If Google Ads don’t get clicks, the tech giant would have scrapped the whole thing long ago. Google Ads are highly effective when used the right way. If your AdWords campaign is not working, it is either not targeted properly or you are not tracking your results accurately. It is imperative to know which ads work for you and which ads do not. Only when you know this can you make the most of your Google Ads.

Myth 2 – Google Ads Aren’t Targeted Well Enough

Fact: As a local business, it is crucial to target your ads geographically. In other words, if you only target the world, your ad will be too generic, and you will miss people who are actually looking for your business. Google Ads has a variety of targeting options that can help you reach your audience. It’s up to you to choose the suitable options to ensure that your ads are showing up for the right demographics. For example, you can create an ad targeting people who live in your city, people who live in the same state as you, people who live in the same country as you, or even people who live in different countries. You can target everyone online who may be interested in your business.

Myth 3 – Google Ads Are Too Expensive

Fact: Yes, it is true that in the beginning, Google Ads is very expensive in comparison to other marketing methods. But in fact, Google Ads is a very targeted and big-budget form of marketing.

But Google Ads ultimately work out to be cheaper than most other forms of advertising. This is because you can precisely target your ads and save money on clicks that would otherwise be wasted. For example, you can narrow down your ads to only show for people in your city and then pay less for showing your ad in that area. This saves you money in the long run and improves your ROI.

Myth 4 – Google Ads Can Affect Your Rankings in Search Engines

Fact: Google Ads is an advertising platform, not a Search Engine Optimization one. What Google Ads does is serve you better ad placements while your site is being ranked on search engines. There is no connection between your ad campaigns and your search engine ranking. If that were the case, then Google would be practicing black hat SEO techniques and making money that way.

Myth 5 – Google Ads Have No Conversion Tracking

Fact: Google Ads does have conversion tracking. As mentioned before, it is very important to track the performance of your ads. Tracking conversions means that you can exactly know how your AdWords campaign is performing. You can track conversions on your website, on your mobile website, or via phone calls. This will enable you to see if your ad is driving people to your website to purchase your products or if it is only making them aware of your business.

Myth 6 – Google Ads Aren’t Personalized

Fact: Google Ads are personalized to a large extent. This is because Google knows the audience they are serving. For example, if you are selling beauty products, then Google can serve your ads to people who have searched for beauty products in the past. They can also target their ads to the right gender, age group, and relevant keywords.

Myth 7 – Google Ads Are Very Difficult to Use

Fact: Google Ads are relatively easy to use. This is because most of today’s businesses are already using Google in some way or the other. For example, if you are an online business, you are already using Google to drive traffic to your website. This is because Google owns the biggest search engine in the world. If your business is selling in physical stores, you probably hold meetings in Google Hangouts or use Google Docs for business purposes. When you are already familiar with Google, Google Ads will be a breeze to use.

Myth 8 – Google Ads Don’t Generate Profits

Fact: If you are using Google Ads the right way and know the correct parameters for success for your business, then Google Ads can undoubtedly generate profits. This is because Google Ads are capable of reaching a highly targeted audience. The key to generating profits with Google Ads is to treat it as a marketing tool and not as a media buying platform.

Myth 9 – Google Ads Are Only Good for E-Commerce Businesses

Fact: This is not true at all. As mentioned before, Google Ads are suitable for businesses of all disciplines. If your business is already generating well-targeted organic traffic, then Google Ads can take your business to the next level. Google Ads are also good for getting more traffic to your blog, videos, or podcasts. You don’t need to be selling anything to get the benefits that Google Ads offers.

Myth 10 – I Don’t Need Google Ads Because I Have Other Ads

Fact: While other ads may generate some web traffic, Google Ads are often the ones that generate the most traffic. This is because Google Ads run on Google’s massive network, while other ads run on third-party networks. If other ads are not working for you as well as you hoped, then it is definitely time to take the leap into AdWords.


Google is the largest search engine in the world, so it’s only natural that you want to tap into Google’s potential to advertise your business. But before you do, you must know how to use Google Ads effectively. With so many myths surrounding it, it’s understandable that many business owners are a bit wary. However, it’s worth noting that those myths are just that – myths that don’t have any truth in them. 

Now that you have seen the myths about Google Ads, you are better capable of starting your AdWords campaign. If you want to enhance your brand, reach new customers, generate leads for your business, or increase sales, think about Google Ads. With the right Google Ads agency in Toronto, you can make yourself visible on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and many more platforms.

If you are looking to bring in leads or increase your brand awareness through Google Ads, contact New Digital Marketing Agency to connect with the best Google Ads agency in Toronto. Reach out to our team today, and we can start discussing strategies!

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