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Formula for Success: Tips to Ensure the Success of Your SEO

Many entrepreneurs have seen the necessity of investing in SEO. Unfortunately, others are still wary of this marketing tool, thinking it is simply a fad. The matter is that search engine optimization is just as important as any other marketing strategy. 

If you share their skepticism because SEO prevented your business from acquiring more traffic, you should give it another chance. Many marketing experts advocate local SEO for startups because it has been proven effective and economical. 

Local SEO for startups can help your business succeed and gain traction in your market. The following are some tips to ensure that your SEO campaign works:

Execute a Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research is a founding block of a successful SEO campaign. You need to know your audience and what matters most to them. You know what keywords your market uses in search engines without paying for each keyword through keyword research.

You can easily find appropriate keywords by researching what others in your industry are using. You can also find new keywords by using Google’s keyword planner tools.

You know what keywords you want to incorporate in your campaign and understand your market more by doing keyword research. Forbes recommends that you research keywords in your industry and create a list of long-tail keywords. These are more specific, which makes them easier to rank for.

If you have no idea how to execute keyword research, you can start by using the Google Keyword Planner tool. You can then let Google suggest related terms that you can use in your campaign.

Boost Loading Speed

According to experts, a website that loads quickly is perceived as a trustworthy site by Google. The idea is that a site that loads slowly is likely to lose visitors for every second that it takes to load. So, ensure that you optimize your website’s speed.

Google has identified site speed as a ranking factor and has adjusted its algorithm. So, you need to make sure that your site loads quickly.

There are several ways to ensure that your site loads faster. Some of them include:

  • Caching Your Web Pages: Your server can cache information such as images, scripts, and style files. Make sure that you have the proper caching mechanism in your server. It is one of the frequently used techniques in SEO campaigns. 

Caching refers to storing files on your server to be readily available. If your server caches an image, it will load faster because it is stored on your server, rather than having to be downloaded when a visitor goes to your page.   

  • Optimize Your Images for the Web: As you are well aware of the large size of images, it takes a long time to load. The smaller the image or the file size, the quicker it will be able to load. 

There are various tools that you may use to optimize your images. You can resize your images and convert them to other formats such as GIFs. This way, your page will not load slowly.  

  • Use Better Hosting: If speed is an issue for your audience, you may have to upgrade your hosting. You will have to upgrade your hosting if you want your website to load faster. It is one of the essential strategies to boost your website loading speed.

Prioritize Product Pages

It is not just the home page that matters for local SEO for startups. Product pages are equally important because they are the first thing you can think of when you want to find a product.

You can make sure that your SEO campaign is perfect by making sure that your product pages are optimized. Your product pages should be updated and optimized so that you will reach your audience when they are looking for a product.

Some marketing agencies advise that you should have a product page for every item that you sell. On the other hand, some experts favour having one product page per category.

If you want to achieve the best results, you should optimize each of your product pages. You can do so by providing as much data as you can gather about the product.  

Try to include images that describe the product and its specifications. Preferably, your website should consist of multiple photos to ensure that each image can appeal to your audience. You can also integrate videos on your product pages and emphasize some product features by underlining them or placing them in a box.

Improve Link Building

Link building is essential to a successful marketing campaign. Though it may seem easy, link building can be tricky because it can be challenging to acquire natural links. There are numerous tricks you can utilize to create links that will boost your SEO campaign, including:

  • Aim for Relevant Links:   If you want to be successful in your SEO campaign, you need to make sure that you acquire links that the audience will notice. To do this, you have to be able to get links from sites that have similar topics and audiences as yours. 

You can acquire relevant links by approaching your industry and content sites. You need to contact them and ask for an opportunity to write for their site. You can also become an author for their blog and ask for links to your site.  

  • Get Authoritative Links: Get links from sites that speak with authority. In other words, choose links from those who have built a solid reputation. When you select a link from a website with domain authority, you increase the likelihood of your website getting noticed.

Optimize Internal Linking

It is also important to ensure that you optimize your internal linking. The more internal links you have, the more easily users will navigate your website. Internal links are those links that are located on your website but are not connected to a search engine.

 Internal linking is not only important for SEO but also for your users because they will be able to find the pages that they want easier. You can create internal links by using text, images, and video.  

Remember that internal links are important, but it is also essential to consider the timing of your links. You should make sure that you do not include too many links on a few pages. You should link to your important pages and make sure that you do not repeat links.


Local SEO for startups is not that different from SEO for bigger organizations. It requires the same amount of effort and creativity. You can use the above-mentioned tips to make your SEO campaign work.

Most importantly, you should talk to New Digital Marketing. We offer local SEO for startups and have worked on the success of their marketing campaign. We can do that for you, so call us now for a consultation.

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